I’m an avid opensource developer currently in my third year of undergraduation in the department of Computer Science And Engineering at Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur. I love programming, writing poems, reading non-fiction and meeting new people. A fan of automation, I spend enough time automating mundane tasks so I have more for thinking and learning; you can have a look at my github profile for the projects!

In a nutshell, I’m an avid learner and always ready to step into the barren lands!

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10 Aug 2020 . learning . Notes From How To Invest In Shares 11 mins Read

You do not need a big amount of investment to start investing in stock market.

I recently have started to learn about personal finance; it’s definitely fun to realize those minute mistakes and habits that can lead to big savings and early retirement. As a first step, I planned to make myself aware of the nits and bits of the... more

01 Aug 2020 . learning . Notes From Learning Technical Writing Two 4 mins Read

After completing Technical Writing One course from Google, I’ve finally finished the Technical Writing Two. This write up contains my notes and is aimed at anyone looking to review the learned concepts in a quick go.


Think like your audience; read your draft from their point of view. Define a persona for the audience. Specify if audience needs to... more

27 Jul 2020 . learning . Notes From Learning Technical Writing One 8 mins Read

I recently did the Technical Writing One and below are my notes from the same. The notes are arranged in the topic wise manner as is the pre-class material for the course.


Define new or unfamiliar terms; do not reinvent the wheel. Collect definition of unfamiliar terms in a glossary if too many. Use name consistently, do not change... more

11 Jul 2020 . learning . Building GraphQL API In Node.js 12 mins Read

This writeup summarises my experience of building a GraphQL API using Node.js and MongoDB. I’ve found it easy to develop APIs that have CRUD operations of fairly medium complexity and do not have many layers of authorization to access data. It is also fabulous how well all three technologies; Node, Mongo, and GraphQL integrate without any issues. You can find... more

23 Feb 2020 . learning . How I Handled 1 TB of Data With Python! 13 mins Read

I recently had the opportunity to work on a large dataset (roughly 1TB) and analyze it using Python for filtering data based on some given parameters. In this post, I’ll be summing up how I accomplished the task using Python and used various measures to make the filtering process efficient.

Task Details

We have a large number of gzip files... more

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    JEE AIR 286, Joined IIT KGP CSE!


I’m always eager to meet new people, listen to their ideas and work on transforming projects.

For meeting over a cup of coffee for random bhaat or project discussions, drop me an email.