23 Feb 2020 . learning .
How I Handled 1 TB of Data With Python!
13 mins Read

I recently had the opportunity to work on a large dataset (roughly 1TB) and analyze it using Python for filtering data based on some given parameters. In this post, I’ll be summing up how I accomplished the task using Python and used various measures to make the filtering process efficient.

Task Details

We have a large number of gzip files... more

13 May 2019 . learning .
A Better Approach; The DRY Approach
7 mins Read

Dry clothes are really easy to use, store and carry; then there are wet clothes: heavy, stinky and dripping.

Similar is the story for code: DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) is always preferred over WET (Write Everything Twice).

I’ve recently started learning .NET, ASP.NET, MVC, and related technologies, and thereon I stumbled upon the concept of DRY programming; it is a... more

05 May 2019 . learning .
So You Want To Do "Data"?
3 mins Read

Even stronger than Modi’s wave in 2014 Lok Sabha Elections is the drive of every second-year and third-year in KGP going into the field of data analytics; and, sadly, unlike Modi wave it’s here to stay for many following decades.

Data Analytics as a field has seen nothing less of a bubble than what was seen by the Internet in... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [03]: Building The Base
3 mins Read

It’s been two weeks since the start of the first coding period, and so far it has been a relaxing experience. The most crucial parts of project Nephos have been finished, with lots of learning involved in between.

The coding period started with a steep learning curve; I was required to understand the existing work on Nephos. It is, by... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [02]: Making Bonds, And Breaking Codes
3 mins Read

It’s been a little more than two weeks since the declaration of the projects of Google Summer of Code 2018, all the joy of getting selected is now superseded by the anxiety of the curves of the “learning roller coaster” I’m about to sit in.

The past two weeks went by me so swiftly; getting selected in GSoC, end semester... more