03 Oct 2019 . experience .
I Finished Google's Foo.Bar Challenge
4 mins Read

On June 13 2019, I received the invitation for the [in]famous Google Foo.Bar challenge: sent to those who are deemed fit by Google for working with them.

Why Did I Get The Invitation?

I’ve no concrete idea why I got the invitation. Being a software developer, my searches mostly involve programming related queries and that could have been the very... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [05]: What Works, Makes Me Jump
2 mins Read

Two weeks have passed since the first evaluations of GSoC, and I’ve finished major portions of my second phase work as well. And I also saw the recording module grabbing streams and saving them as we desired it to.

Post evaluations, I took a small break from coding and invested time in learning technologies which do not have a direct... more