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25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [01]: Fuel For The Fire
5 mins Read

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a program by Google which brings students and open source organisations together to work on projects that benefit open source community. Besides many perks (and satisfaction) provided in the program, students also get a stipend which varies from country to country; in India, the amount is $2400.

This article is an account of how... more

24 Jun 2018 . general .
Welcome To {Cogito, Ergo Sum}
3 mins Read

I Think, Therefore I’m, meaning of the term “Cogito, argo sum” coined by René Descartes in 1637, has been the force behind driving my life lately. It is a recent affair that I’ve started to find greatest pleasure in looking back with an over-observant eyes and pin point my reactions to life which could have been better: it feels like... more