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25 Jun 2018 . general .
The Sin Of Guilt Abuse
4 mins Read

Whether we accept or not, we all have enjoyed getting our work done by emotionally influencing others. It is, mostly, harmless and erupts out of innocent intent. However, at times, we unknowingly push it beyond its bounds and then the repercussions are not positive!

Before emotional manipulation, let’s define guilt. Firstly, it is important to realize that Guilt is not... more

25 Jun 2018 . fixes .
make Utility: Missing Library Errors
2 mins Read

make is one of the most used utilities by developers worldwide. If you are a developer and have been compiling the entire code even with trivial single file changes, you need to look at this piece of awesomeness.

make determines automatically the parts of the program which require recompilation and issue commands to recompile them only. Not only is it... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [05]: What Works, Makes Me Jump
2 mins Read

Two weeks have passed since the first evaluations of GSoC, and I’ve finished major portions of my second phase work as well. And I also saw the recording module grabbing streams and saving them as we desired it to.

Post evaluations, I took a small break from coding and invested time in learning technologies which do not have a direct... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [04]: Writing Tests, Getting Evaluated!
2 mins Read

This blog post summarizes the work I’ve done in the third and fourth week of GSoC with CCExtractor on Project Nephos and also information about my first evaluations. The beginning of the weeks were mostly hectic but the productivity took a toll once I was past writing code and onto actual testing.

The start of the third week begin with... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [03]: Building The Base
3 mins Read

It’s been two weeks since the start of the first coding period, and so far it has been a relaxing experience. The most crucial parts of project Nephos have been finished, with lots of learning involved in between.

The coding period started with a steep learning curve; I was required to understand the existing work on Nephos. It is, by... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [02]: Making Bonds, And Breaking Codes
3 mins Read

It’s been a little more than two weeks since the declaration of the projects of Google Summer of Code 2018, all the joy of getting selected is now superseded by the anxiety of the curves of the “learning roller coaster” I’m about to sit in.

The past two weeks went by me so swiftly; getting selected in GSoC, end semester... more

25 Jun 2018 . experience .
GSoC [01]: Fuel For The Fire
5 mins Read

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a program by Google which brings students and open source organisations together to work on projects that benefit open source community. Besides many perks (and satisfaction) provided in the program, students also get a stipend which varies from country to country; in India, the amount is $2400.

This article is an account of how... more