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03 Aug 2018 . experience .
GSoC [07]: Winding Up
3 mins Read

It’s been more than two weeks since my last update blog on GSoC, and hence I’ve not been able to keep up with writing articles amidst college’s activities, academics and CCExtractor work itself. To be honest there hasn’t been much work on the coding front in the last two weeks; and I’ve got the reason why things work so slow... more

15 Jul 2018 . Readings .
I Read 'Shakespeare: A Graphic Guide'
2 mins Read

After liking “Stephen Hawking: A Graphic Guide”, I thought of exploring another personality from the past, and I chose the genre as poetry. So, I began with “Shakespeare: A Graphic Guide”.

Just like the last book I read, this is not a biography of the life of Willian, but rather an account of his life, his works and, surprisingly, hamlet:... more

14 Jul 2018 . experience .
GSoC [06]: Making It Through Second Evaluations
3 mins Read

My second evaluations for Google Summer of Code completed yesterday, along with that the pipeline for the project has been completed. Let’s not move too fast, and slowly get to completion of Nephos’ second evaluation.

Nephos is being developed in a modular manner; with data piped into different through a common database stored locally in the system. For example, once... more

07 Jul 2018 . General .
The Strange Case Of Patriarchy
3 mins Read

It started with my birth: I’m born, my family is happy and everyone who comes to know of my birth rejoices. I would never know if they were partial to me, and the same would have happened if I were a girl. I find it always intriguing how has baseless gender biases have been prevailing in the world till date;... more

28 Jun 2018 . Readings .
I Read 'Stephen Hawking, A Graphic Guide'
3 mins Read

Lately, I’ve been reading books from the “Graphic Guide: Introducing” series and they have been pretty interesting except the one I read on “Romanticism”. I’ve decided that I would be writing a summary of books I read from now; I’ve read close to a dozen of books till now but writing for all of them at the moment doesn’t seem... more

25 Jun 2018 . general .
The Sin Of Guilt Abuse
4 mins Read

Whether we accept or not, we all have enjoyed getting our work done by emotionally influencing others. It is, mostly, harmless and erupts out of innocent intent. However, at times, we unknowingly push it beyond its bounds and then the repercussions are not positive!

Before emotional manipulation, let’s define guilt. Firstly, it is important to realize that Guilt is not... more

25 Jun 2018 . fixes .
make Utility: Missing Library Errors
2 mins Read

make is one of the most used utilities by developers worldwide. If you are a developer and have been compiling the entire code even with trivial single file changes, you need to look at this piece of awesomeness.

make determines automatically the parts of the program which require recompilation and issue commands to recompile them only. Not only is it... more