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03 Dec 2018 . experience .
GSoC: How? This? That?
10 mins Read

Google Summer of Code has been announced again, and I’m all filled with nostalgia, but it’s not the only things I’m full with (:wink::wink:). With a motive of helping GSoC aspirants, I’ll be summarising (in somewhat details), how I prepared for GSoC 2018 and successfully completed my project under CCExtractor.

The post is timeline based and it is near as... more

02 Nov 2018 . experience .
From KWoC To GCI
3 mins Read

I’ve been active in OpenSource programming since December 2017, and it’s been a great journey altogether; meeting dedicated developers, forming communities, and helping students to get into the field through organising and mentoring various events.

I’m dedicating this article to summarising the journey and giving a glimpse of what all I’ve been involved with, and in what order. The inspiration... more

01 Oct 2018 . Experience .
Going For Go For Web APIs
8 mins Read

I have been working on a slack app, OnThisDay for quite a long now, and I had halted work for a brainstorm session (with myself) and also to study for my mid-semester examinations. While I had framed the algorithm in my subconscious, I almost forgot to begin the work with it. And then came the KOSS’s workshop on WebServers using... more

18 Sep 2018 . Readings .
I Read 'The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck'
2 mins Read

As soon as I finished reading “The Difficulty Of Being Good”, I started off with a small read “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck”. It is, without doubt, one of the most criticised as well as praised book. The book is a small read, and since it revolves around a single agenda, the review is going to be... more

25 Aug 2018 . Readings .
I Read 'The Difficulty Of Being Good'
7 mins Read

On my way back to college campus during 4th of July of the year, my train was half an hour late, so I decided to browse through the books at a stall; and it was then that I came across the first book which intrigued me. “The Difficulty Of Being Good: On The Subtle Art Of Dharma” filled me with... more

11 Aug 2018 . experience .
GSoC Final: Where The Paths Diverge
3 mins Read

The three months long (and six months long considering the preparation time) of Google Summer of Code has come to an end and therefore, I see myself again at the fork of choices on what I should do. But… before getting on to that part I would like to summarise my experience as a GSoC 2018 student. — Just a... more

03 Aug 2018 . experience .
GSoC [07]: Winding Up
3 mins Read

It’s been more than two weeks since my last update blog on GSoC, and hence I’ve not been able to keep up with writing articles amidst college’s activities, academics and CCExtractor work itself. To be honest there hasn’t been much work on the coding front in the last two weeks; and I’ve got the reason why things work so slow... more