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Intern Interview Experience With Wingify

10 Dec 2018 . 4 mins : experience . Comments
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I’m currently working as a Winter intern at Wingify and it is one of the coolest companies to have as your first intern experience. I thought it would be great to keep an account of my interview experience so that it can help students applying in the future.


I applied to Wingify through the off-campus process; sent them my CV attached to an email in which I mentioned why I would like to work at Wingify. I also included a short paragraph of why I would be suitable for an intern at Wingify.

Round 1

I got a quick response from the HR team at Wingify: they asked me for a time when they can interview me over the telephone.

Well, the telephonic interview lasted for around 15 minutes; they asked me about myself, my year of study, a few projects I had worked on and why I applied to Wingify. Towards the end of the interview I was asked for the duration I would be available for the internship.

Round 2

Fortunately, I passed the first round of interview and got an invitation to attempt a JavaScript Online test at InterviewZen. There were six questions and 120 minutes to solve them.


To begin with, the Interview was such that the evaluator can see your response as a video and thus, all the pauses and peeps into other tabs will be evident. The questions, well, were very specific to some library and HTML 5 browser implementations. It was quite impossible to answer them without using the internet. I took a chance!

I made sure I try to answer the questions as much as possible by myself and hence, for all the parts where I could not understand the terms, I looked on the internet. I solved half of it by myself and solved rest by learning the method first and then writing in comments from where I learned and how I understood the concept.

I vaguely remember one questions was about flattening a complex JavaScript Object such that all levels are reduced to keys appended with a “.” between each level key.

    "yellow": {
        "red": {
            "green" : "xx"


    "yellow.red.green": "xx"

Round 3

Just the following day, after giving the online test, I was inquired for a slot where I could give a telephonic coding interview. This interview was to last for around an hour.

TelePhonic Interview

The interviewer (my mentor currently) began with the way I had written the online tests. He was curious about the intervals in which I did not code. I replied to him honestly about the method I had used, and he was really happy about it.

That is how we intended it to be done: searching is an art!

Then we moved onto my resume; we talked in depth about the projects I had worked on, what all technologies I had implemented, what was my tech-stack generally and much more. The interviewer also asked me some specific questions about the technologies I had mentioned.

Next, we moved to algorithms and data structures. We started with the basic definition of heaps and how we traverse heap; time complexities of various operations of a heap. We quickly wrapped this up and moved onto Dynamic Programming. I was asked a lot of questions in Dynamic Programming; using recursion, top-down approach, bottom-up approach and more. The interviewer was not expecting me to answer everything correctly, but he was trying to gauge my struggle and efforts (which are hard to measure).

The round ended with some more discussion regarding my CV and the related work I could be (if selected) doing at Wingify.

There were just three rounds of interview and in between the rounds, the response of the HR team was pretty quick. After the final round of interview (the third round), it took around two weeks to finalize my offer and then everything was setup.

Wingify Cup

Wingify, in my experience of a few weeks, is a very flexible and understanding company that cares (way too much) about their employees. We’ve weekly events, company gatherings, potluck etc. I would surely be writing about my winter experience as an intern at Wingify once my tenure is over.


I'm intrigued by human psychology and code backend for videogames. I live with a philosophy to be simple, true, and kind always. I enjoy taking days slowly and writing when I learn something new - ah! that reminds me, I enjoy learning from new experiences a lot.