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GirlScript West Bengal Regional Summit | Getting Started In Open-Source

16 Sep 2020 . 1 mins : experience . Comments
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I’m so excited to share that I had the opportunity to be a speaker for the GirlScript West Bengal Regional Summit 2020 and share my experience of how I started my journey in opensource.



I believe it is very hard to cross that barrier sitting right before we make our first contribution and it upsets me when students, lacking a right direction and considering they are not cut for open source, do not struggle to cross the barrier. I’ve been there and I was very fortunate to have seniors like Naresh Ramesh (Software Engineer, Setu.co), Kaustubh Hiware (Software Engineer, Mercari) and Himanshu Mishra (Software Engineer, Spotify) to show me the direction, help me sail through the initial feels of unworthiness, and push me right across the barrier. However, I can’t be sure that everyone is blessed with such a fortune to know amazing individuals like Naresh and Himanshu.

Thus, as a gesture of giving back to the open source community, I chose to invest in addressing the issue at hand with this webinar. In preparing for the same, I interacted with a few fellow Google Summer of Code mentors at CCExtractor, prominent software engineers, and enthusiastic students who wanted to start with contributing to open source. With their inputs and suggestions, this session was prepared with an aim to help students understand their fears, learn meta-principles of learning, and see a step-by-step path in front of them.


Download the slide deck of the session.


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