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GSoC'19 [0]: Congratulations And Let's Begin

17 May 2019 . 1 mins : experience . Comments
#gsoc19 #gsoc #ccextractor #sample-platform #summers

Recently, Google released the list of projects selected for Google Summer of Code 2019 and I’m fortunate that mine is one among them. I would like to congratulate everyone along with myself.

GSoC With CCEx

The Project

This year I’ll be working on Sample Platform; it is the Continuous Integration And Regression Testing tool for the main CCExtractor repository. In short, it makes sure the new changes don’t turn previous successful results into failures. Sample-platform was developed during GSoC’16 by canihavesomecoffee and has been improved and worked on by satyammittal in GSoC’17 and GSoC’18. Now, in GSoC ‘19, it is my responsibillity to finalize the sample-platform with all the required changes and modifications.

Sample-platform is an important module as it handles the automatic testing of Pull Requests, addition of new samples and running on-demand regression tests. I’ll be adding and improving a lot of features: design of the platform, more rigorous testing, improved error handling, migrate to python 3.7 and more. One of the most important feature I’ve to implement is the database migration method.

I used the time before submitting proposal to do thorough research about the features I’ve to implement and created a rough timeline; all of this can be found in my proposal.

GSoC: 15 Strong Years

It is the 15th edition of Google Summer of Code and I’m already expecting a lot of surprises from Google. It is a little bit unfortunate that this year’s timeline has been shifted forward by 10 days (compared to last year’s) and the coding period now begins on 27 May. I’m looking forward to having another great summer with Google and contribute to my CCExtractor community and opensource in general.


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