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Intern Experience At Wingify

04 Apr 2019 . 4 mins : experience . Comments
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I had the opportunity to intern at Wingify, New Delhi, in December 2018 and in this writeup I’ve summarized my experience of working at Wingify. My intern period was from 28 November to 11 January. I’ve already written my selection interviews’ experience and it is available here.

Pre-Joining Experience

As soon as my offer was confirmed by Wingify, I received the letter of internship immediately and the process was swift. Somehow, due to some internal affairs of the company, there was no communication from the company till 25 November and I was unsure if I was going there or not. This was unfortunate but was soon rectified and I received response along with accommodation for the first three days at OYO rooms.

Unsurprisingly, the experience at the provided OYO accommodation was great and it really felt special for the first internship.


Working Experience

As soon as I reached the building, I chose to go by the stairs (mistakes millennial do). The office was at the 12th floor and I was all sweaty. I vowed not to trust impulses again!

KLJ Towers

I was received by my HR manager and rest of the process was very quick. The HR was very flexible with the documents they required, and me being me, I had forgotten most of them. I was provided with a system to work on (MacBook Air) which I returned immediately (I prefer to work on my system).

I was introduced to the people around and was assigned a mentor for the rest of my stay at Wingify. My work was going to involve working on Frontend and Backend for VWO and my mentor was an experience developer in the same. He was also into competitive coding and gave me a lot of insights regarding the same.

Due to the short duration of my internship, I was not assigned a project for the tenure. My work, more or less, involved fixing present issues in the code as well as improving and simplifying the process of deployment for the plug-and-play VWO modules.

First of all, I was supposed to Dockerise three components of the VWO eco-system. Since I was already familiar with docker, I did not expect the task to be time consuming. Boy! I was so wrong; it took me around two weeks to finish the dockerisation process due to the high number of network connections and side-effects. It was a great learning opportunity and my mentor was very supportive to give me the space and time.


With two weeks left at Wingify, I was assigned the task of fixing bugs that were in the Sprint. It was very challenging to be a part of the sprint with such less contextual base. My mentor tried his best to not let me have stress due to the same.

Personal Experience

Wingify is located at the heart of a developing Netaji Subash Place, which is known for the large variety of food palaces and shops. Barbecue Nation was right in front of my office, for instance. The place is full of all sorts of cuisines and multinational food chains.

The office has it’s own share of food-aura; it has full time filled counter with snacks and refrigerators full of different kinds of beverages. The most anticipated part of going to the office was the lunch; each day a new menu, and new experience.

Decode Rajouri

Each first friday of the month is the demo day where everyone presents what they have worked on for the whole month, there are quizzes held and there is a lot of beer being tossed around. It is a scene to watch; and so is the event when the entire team goes our for an outing. It is a quarterly event to go an entire team all expenses paid dinner.

Last thing I would like to talk about is the hierarchy that Wingify follows; the team has a standard hierarchy structure but it is rarely visible in meetings and outings; everyone sits together and works together as a team and not as a pyramid.


Wingify is a great place to work, especially in the first few experiences; it has the right mix of work, learning opportunities and fun.


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