The following table contains the organisations that have been part of Google Summer of Code at least once from 2009 to 2020 - number of times they have participated, technologies they use, topics they work on, GSoC category, and the latest GSoC year they participated in.

More information and year-wise data available at thealphadollar/GSoCOrgFrequency.

Name Count Technologies Topics Category Latest Year
3DTK 1 c/c++, cmake, opencv, ros, boost 3d, point clouds, slam, robotics, mapping Science and Medicine 2018
52° North GmbH 1 java, android, javascript, python, react web services, floating car data, ogc standards, trajectory analytics Science and Medicine 2020
52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH 8 android, java, ogcstandards, bigdata, spring, r, javascript, webservices, web remote sensing, spatial data, geostatistics, spatial data infrastructures, floating car data, sensor web, web-based geoprocessing, geoprocessing, geoinformatics, ogc, web processing, sensorweb, spatial information, earth observation Science and Medicine 2019
AbiWord 5       2013
AboutCode 1 python, c/c++, javascript, shellscript, staticanalysis free and open source software license and origin, package and dependencies licensing and origin, package vulnerabilities and security, code scan and matching, code analysis and spdx Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017 2 search, nlp, rust, postgresql, javascript, automaton, python, c/c++ software analysis, oss licensing, application security, machine learning, license-scan, license compliance, dependencies, copyright, package managers Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Academy Software Foundation (ASWF) 1 c/c++, python 2d/3d graphics, cloud computing, file formats, color management, filmmaking Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Accord Project 1 javascript, react, coq, ocaml, compiler smart contracts, legal, blockchain, compilers, ai Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
AerospaceResearch.Net 6 c++, java, vhdl, sqlite, boinc, raspberrypi, python, c/c++ cubesats, space applications, software defined radio, distributed computing, simulations Science and Medicine 2020
afl++ 1 fuzzing, c/c++, qemu, llvm, sanitizers bug finding, software testing, fuzzing Security 2020
Africa Soil Information Service 1       2015
aimacode 4 jupyter, ai, java, machinelearning, javascript, artificialintelligence, python3, python machine learning, education, open education, artificial intelligence, education Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
Amahi 5 android, golang, streaming, rubyonrails, swift, restfulapi, containers, javascript, ios front-end, web apps, mobile streaming, webapps, media server, streaming, storage server, storage, mobile-apps, web servers, web apps, networking, operating systems, home servers, networking, backups Operating Systems 2020
Android Graphics Tools Team 2 spir-v, java, python3, vulkan, opengl, c/c++ testing, debugging, bug finding, developer tools, profiling, 2d/3d graphics Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020 Open Source 1 ios, android, python, javascript mobile, web, mobile programming, web programming Other 2020
Ankur India 2       2013
AOSSIE 1 javascript, swift, kotlin, python electronic voting, natural language processing, machine learning, environment, social science End User Applications 2020
AOSSIE - Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education 3 javascript/html/css, android, automatedreasoning, javascript/html5/css3, scala, xcode, ios, isabelleproofassistant, javascript, browserextension, android/ios logic, machine learning, electronic voting, environment, natural language processing, philosophy End User Applications 2019
AOSSIE - The Australian National University’s Open-Source Software Innovation and Education 1 scala, lisp, llvm, python, postgresql logic, live programming, data analysis, health, privacy Science and Medicine 2016
Apache Software Foundation 9 java, ruby, c, javascript, couchdb, python, erlang other, dsl, ddd, database, big data, libraries, cloud, web Other 2018
Apertium 9 bash, fsts, nlp, c++, python, xml grammar, machine translation, language technology, less-resourced languages, natural language processing, lesser-resourced languages Other 2020
Apertus Association 4 c++, embedded, vhdl, c, fpga, linux, c/c++ camera, photography, real time, video, fpga, cinematography, embedded systems, image processing, vision, computational photography, digital imaging Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
API Client Tools at Google 1 openapi, grpc, protocolbuffers, rpc, rest apis, automation, code generation, api description Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
appleseed 2 python, opengl, c++11 animation, simulation, rendering, computer graphics, image synthesis Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
appleseedhq 3 c++, c++11, opengl, qt, python, c/c++ graphics, animation, 3d, simulation, physics, mathematics, rendering, computer graphics, vfx, computer graphics, high performance, image synthesis Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2019
ArchC 1 c++, python, archc computer architecture, processor design, simulators Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
Arches Project 1       2014
Arduino 1 arduino, golang, c/c++ electronics, robotics, interactivity Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
ArduPilot 3 rtos, drones, c++, embedded, ros, robotics, linux, python, c/c++ drones, autopilot, embedded systems, robotics, vision, uav, rovers, real-time os Other 2020 1 drones, python, linux, robotics, c/c++ vison, robotics, embedded systems, real-time os, drones Other 2019
Artica ST ( Pandora FMS ) 1       2012
ASCEND 6 python, c, c/c++ mathematical software, simulation, solver, system modelling, engineering Science and Medicine 2016
Association Gephi 1       2009
Association Tatoeba 1       2014 1       2011 1       2009
Atomic Blue 1       2011
Audacity 1       2009
Babel 1 javascript, babel, nodejs compilers, ast, minifier, tc39 Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
Battle for Wesnoth 5       2014
Bazel 2 java, windows, go, bazel, linux, c/c++ build tools, build systems, developer tools, development tools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019 7 c, tensorflow, hardwareacceleration, python, opencv, beaglebone, linuxkernel, raspberrypi, linux, javascript real-time, physical computing, real time, teaching, embedded, machine learning, robotics, hardware, robotics, iot, privacy/security, coprocessing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020 Foundation 2 real-time, c, python, gcc, beaglebone, physicalcomputing, iot, linux, javascript physical computing, real time, audio, robotics, ros, iot, interfaces, coprocessing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
BEAM Community 6 lisp, xmpp, mqtt, elixir, beam, erlang communication system, real time, scalability, messaging, database, instant messaging, distributed computing, iot, distributed databases, realtime, cloud, clustering Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
BeeWare Project 2 android, java, mobile, javascript, python, ios cross desktop, mobile, ui, cross-platform, app development, ide Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Benetech 3       2014
Berkman Center at Harvard University 2       2010
Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University 1       2012
Berkman Center for Internet and Society 1 rubyonrails, javascript, sql/nosql, meteor.js, go censorship, education, internet freedom, digital rights, law and policy   2016
Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University 1 rubyonrails, meteor.js, elasticsearch, javascript, elk web, research, education, internet freedom, internet censorship Other 2018
Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society 1 rubyonrails, meteor.js, elasticsearch, python, java web, research, education, internet freedom, internet censorship Other 2019
Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University 1 rubyonrails, meteor.js, d3, elasticsearch, javascript digital rights, internet access, security and privacy, law, web Web 2017
BigBlueButton 1       2010
Bika Open Source LIMS Collective 1       2015
Bio4j 1       2014
Bioconductor open source software for bioinformatics 1       2013
BioGears 1 c++11, c/c++, python, cmake physiology, pharmacological modeling, computational biology, mathematical software Science and Medicine 2020
biographer 1       2012
BioJavaScript 1       2014
BioJS 1 javascript, python javascript, bioinformatics, life sciences, coding standards, visualization Science and Medicine 2016
Biomedical Informatics, Emory University 4 deeplearning, java, hadoop, tensorflow, medicalimaging, python science and medicine, web platform and services, big data visualization, distributed systems, data integration, data fusion, precision medicine, cloud Science and Medicine 2019
Blender Foundation 11 c++, c, opengl, opencl, vulkan, python graphics, animation, 3d, simulation, games, rendering, modeling, artist tools, tools, virtual reality, vfx Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Bloomington, IN 1       2012
Bloomington, IN, USA 1       2013
BlueZ 4       2012
BOINC project, University of California, Berkeley 1       2012
Bookie 1       2014
Boost C++ 2 c++librariesc++11c++14c++17c++20, c++17, c++11, c++ c++, peer-reviewed libraries, programming libraries, c++ standard, c++ libraries c++ standard Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Boost C++ Libraries 8 c++, c++14, boost, c++11, c++17 c++ tools, c++ development, software engineering, c++ standardization, library Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Boston University / XIA 4 xia, c, linuxkernel, ddos, advanceddatastructures future internet architecture, future internet architecture, computer networking, research, research Cloud 2018
BRL-CAD 11 qt, python, tcl/tk, opengl, opencl, javascript, c/c++, tcl performance, 3d cad geometry, software visualization, 3d, solid modeling, data visualization, geometry, visualization, graphics user interface, solid geometry, ray tracing, cad/cam/cae, real-time computer graphics, 2d/3d graphics, cad Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Buildbot 4       2015
BuildmLearn 3 android, bootstrap, django, python web apps, mlearning, mobile app, education End User Applications 2016
Buildroot 1 gnumake, kconfig, python, shell embedded systems, linux, build tools, compilation Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
BumbleBee Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (BBAUV) 1       2014
BZFlag 1       2009
Cadasta 1 python, django, javasc, javascipt web, land rights, mapping, geo, geospatial End User Applications 2017
caMicroscope 1 javascript, python, java, medicalimaging, tensorflow science and medicine, data integration, distributed systems, cloud, precision medicine Science and Medicine 2020
Canadian Center for Computational Genomics 1 python, r-project, javascript, react, nodejs bioinformatics, science, visualization, statistics, web Science and Medicine 2019
Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics 2 bash, r-project, javascript, nodejs, perl, awk, r, python, react bioinformatics, data science, visualization, statistics, web development, next-generation sequencing Science and Medicine 2020
Canadian Centre for Computational Genomics (C3G) - Montreal node 1 python, r-project, javascript, sql, git bioinformatics, visualization, statistics, genomics, population genetics Science and Medicine 2016
Casbin 1 go, javascript, react, rust, python security, front-end, web, cloud, authorization Security 2020
Catrobat 5 android, html5, java, php, swift, symfony, javascript, espresso, ios, web web applications, creativity tools, gaming, programming tools, robotics, app development, programming language, education, scratch, visual programming, web Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Catrobat (formerly Catroid Project) 1       2014
Catroid Project 3       2013
cBioPortal for Cancer Genomics 3 java, webapps, database, html, reactjs, bigdata, javascript, webservices, web bioinformatics, biology, data visualization, cancer research, cancer, big data, genomics, precision medicine Data and Databases 2019
CBMI@UTHSC 1 reactjs, python, flask, javascript, tensorflow machine learning, deep learning, sepsis prediction, sepsis detection, web applications Science and Medicine 2019
CCExtractor development 7 visualstudio, ai, node.js, rust, video, arduino, c, python, ml, flutter, raspberrypi, subtitles, ffmpeg, c#, linux, javascript, cloud television, ai, linux, bittorrent, video, database, accesibility, accessibility, media analysis, subtitles, tv, language, media, vision, movies, decoder Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Celluloid 1 ruby, multi-threading, multi-core, zeromq, high-resolutiontimers concurrency, parallel, evented, distributed, actor model Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
Center for Research In Open Source Software (CROSS) at UC Santa Cruz 1 ceph, hadoop, c++, javascript, python distributed networks, reproducibility, storage systems, big data, opendata Other 2018
Center for Research in Open Source Software at UC Santa Cruz 1 python, javascript, c/c++, verilog cloud databases, reproducibility, ceph, architecture, generative text Other 2019
Center for the Study of Complex Systems, Univ of Michigan 1       2009
Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan 1       2011
CentOS Project 1       2015
Centre for Computational Medicine, SickKids Research Institute 1       2014
Ceph 3 object-storage, python, c/c++, c++ cloud storage, network storage, distributed systems, storage, cloud Data and Databases 2017
Ceph Foundation 1 c/c++, jenkins, python, javascript, shellscript distributed systems, software defined storage Other 2020
Ceph Storage 1       2015
CERN SFT 5 c++, javascript, clang, python machine learning, numerical and data analysis software, cloud, simulation software Science and Medicine 2016
CERN Virtual Machine (CernVM) 1       2011
CERN-HSF 4 parallelization, parallelalgorithms, machinelearning, concurrency, dataanalysis, python, c/c++ algorithmics, machine learning, physics, big data, particle physics, high-energy physics, performance optimization Science and Medicine 2020
Cesium community 2       2015
CGAL - Computational Geometry Algorithms Library 3       2012
CGAL Project 3 c++, swig, github, qt, python, git mesh processing, webhook, geometry, triangulation, geometry processing, point set processing, computational geometry, arrangement Science and Medicine 2020
CHAOSS 2 jupyter, kibana, javascript, elasicsearch, mysql, elasticsearch, python analytics, sustainability, metrics, health, community health, community Other 2020
CHAOSS: Community Health Analytics Open Source Software 1 python3, javascript data visualization, visualization, machine learning End User Applications 2018
Chapel 4 c++, c, python, highperformancecomputing, chapel parallel computing, compilers, programming languages, distributed computing, high performance computing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Checker Framework 4 java programmer productivity, verification, type systems, pragrammer productivity, software engineering, programming languages, bug finding Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Checkstyle 3 java, xpath, antlr coding standards, coding conventions, coding conventions, static code analysis‎, code review tool, static code analysis‎ Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Chromium 3       2013 2 bootstrap, postgresql, html5, canvas, html5canvas, rails, javascript digital logic design, pedagogy, education, education, simulations, web Web 2020
CiviCRM 5 d3js, php, mysql, javascript, angularjs membership management, civic technology, events management, crm, fundraising, nonprofits Data and Databases 2020
CiviCRM LLC 1 php, mysql, angularjs, d3.js civil society, contacts&calendar sync End User Applications 2018
Classical Language Toolkit 3 java, python, javascript web, ai, nlp, machine learning, machine translation, human language technologies, machine trans, natural language processing, machine, web Other 2018
Climate Code Foundation 2       2012
CLiPS, University of Antwerp 3 machinelearning, mongodb, javascript, python data mining, machine learning, text analytics, text generation, artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, natural language processing Data and Databases 2019
Clojure 4 clojure, functionalprogramming, jvm, clojurescript, javascript compilers, development tools, build systems, programming language, functional programming Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
Clojure/dev 1       2012
Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) 4 docker, rust, prometheus, golang, grpc, go, kubernetes, cloud, fluentd, servicemesh web, container, tracing, monitoring, logging, service mesh, containers, devops, kubernetes, cloud native, cloud Cloud 2020
CloudCV 6 angularjs, docker, deeplearning, machinelearning, torch, caffe, artificialintelligence, javascript, computervision, django, reactjs, lua, python3, python, aws, cloud tensorflow, django, cloud computing, machine learning, angularjs, artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, web development, python, deep-learning, react Cloud 2020
CMUSphinx 2 hiddenmarkovmodels, c, python, cross-platform, javascript real time, user interface, speech recognition, pronunciation, education Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2017
CMUSphinx Speech Recognition Toolkit 1       2011
coala 3 haskell, emberjs, docker, java, django, reactjs, antlr, python3, python, angularjs chatops, code analysis, devops, language server, dependency management, devops, chatops Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
Code for America 3       2013
CodeCombat 1       2014
CodeMirror 1       2014
Comprehensive C Archive Network 1       2009
Computational Biology @ University of Nebraska-Lincoln 4 postgresql, java, javascript, mysql, reactjs, webgl, flask, react bioinformatics, biological networks, data science, real time, systems biology, networks, omics data, image analysis, network simulation, web application, network biology, computational biology Science and Medicine 2019
Computational Science and Engineering at TU Wien 5 c++, java, html, css, javascript simulation, visualization, science and enineering, mesh generation, internet of things Science and Medicine 2016
Connexions 2       2012
Continuous Delivery Foundation 1 tekton, spinnaker, ci/cd, screwdriver continuous delivery, continuous integration, cloud, devops Cloud 2020 2 javafx, android, xmpp, java, gtk, javascript, python ux, real time, mobile, ui, instant messaging, web, desktop, usabilty Social / Communications 2018
Copyleft Games 4 xmpp, c, javascript, opengl, python graphics, developer tools, networking, web, education Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2017
coreboot 9 x86, arm, c, assembly, openhardware, assembler drivers, boot loader, real time, hardware, embedded systems, firmware Operating Systems 2020
Creative Commons 6 vue.js, postgresql, javascript, django, elasticsearch, python, wordpress nonprofit, creative commons, copyleft, legal, nonprofits, web Web 2020
CRIU 1 linux, c, assembly cloud, live migration, snapshots Operating Systems 2020
CRIU (Checkpoint/Restore in User-space) 1 docker, linux, containers, kernel cloud, save/restore, load-balancing, zero-downtime, migration Operating Systems 2019
Crowdsourcing Biology 1       2012
Crowdsourcing Biology at the Scripps Research Institute 1       2013
Crypto Stick 2       2014
Crystal Space 6       2014
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative 1 python, mariadb, rdf, php, nltk natural language processing, machine translation, information retrieval, linguistics, semantic web Data and Databases 2018
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) 2 html/css, java, php, html, css, mysql, python3, python lod, data processing pipeline, nlp, data visualization, digitization, data processing, web portal, computer vision, computational linguistics, data-collection Data and Databases 2020
CVXPY 1 python convex optimization, optimization, dsl   2016
D Foundation 1 dlang, c++ compilers Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
D Programming Language 1 dlang, linux, windows, osx, bsd programming languages, object-oriented programming, functional programming, web programming, system programming Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
darktable 1       2011
Dart 1 dart, flutter, programming-language mobile-apps Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
DBpedia 4 apachespark, nosql, rdf, java, scala, graph, python, sparql, javascript, skala knowledge extraction, data science, data analytics, data extraction, wikipedia, knowledge graph, big data, semantic web, linked data, linked data, natural language processing, ontologies Data and Databases 2020
DBpedia & DBpedia Spotlight 3       2015
DBpedia Spotlight 2 nosql, rdf, java, scala, python data science, big data, semantic web, natural language processing Data and Databases 2016
Debian 3 irc, python, javascript, c/c++, git operating system, packaging, kernel, operating systems, package managers Operating Systems 2020
Debian Project 8 c++, java, c, ruby, javascript, django, python, c/c++ packaging, operating system, communications, continuous integration, applications, operating systems, community, web Operating Systems 2018
Department of Biomedical Informatics, Stony Brook University 1       2015
Dept. of Biomedical Informatics, Emory University 2       2013
Developers Italia 2 html/css/js, java, scala, ruby, go, node.js, python, c/c++ web applications, data-science, open data, public code, identity, open government, open source, government Other 2019
Differ 1       2012
Digital Impact Alliance 2 android, java, php, javascript, python charity, social good, international, humanitarian, end user application, health Other 2019
Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at UN Foundation 1 c++, javascript, android, php, python nonprofit, humanrights, humanitarian, international, global Other 2020
Digital Mars 2       2012
Discourse 2 html/css, docker, ruby, rubyonrails, ember, javascript, javascipt web applications, communication, forum, email, real time, web development, asynchronous, community Social / Communications 2017
Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE) 2 python, cmake, c++ scientific computing, physics, mathematics, partial differential equations, high performance computing Science and Medicine 2016
Django Software Foundation 11 python, django web development, web applications, web Web 2020
DocBook Project 2       2012
Dojo Foundation 1       2010
DokuWiki 1       2011
Dr. Memory 1       2014
DragonFly BSD 5       2013
Dreamwidth Studios 1       2010
Drizzle 3       2012
Drizzle Database 1       2013
Drupal 11 cms, webdevelopment, object-oriented, contentmanagementsystem, html5, drupal8, sql, php, symfony, javascript, web content management, backend, object-oriented, apps, object oriented programming, symfony, drupal 8, web development, mobile-apps, cms, web application, content management, javascript, cms, martech, object-oriented, sql, web development, php, web Web 2020
DSpace Foundation 1       2009
DuraSpace 2       2011
e-cidadania 1       2012
Earth Science Information Partners 1 python, kubernetes, jupyter, deeplearning, gdal earth observation, cloud databases, data visualisation, semantic web, data-science Science and Medicine 2019
Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) 1 kubernetes, dask, xarray, python, javascript earth data, semantics, discovery, data visualization, earth science Data and Databases 2018
Eclipse Foundation 3 jakartaee, eclipsejavaide, java, deeplearning, geospatial, che, c/c++ java, iot & edge, robotics, eclipse, tools, cloud native java, automotive Other 2020
Eclipse Vert.x 1 java, reactiveextensions, kotlin, microservices, event-loop reactive, unopionated, polyglot, distributed, high performance computing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Scala Team 1       2011
Elastic 2 java, golang, node.js, jruby, react search, data analytics, data visualization, security, monitoring, logging, observability, databases Data and Databases 2020
Electronic Frontier Foundation/The Tor Project 2       2012
Elgg 1       2011
Elm Software Foundation 1 elm, javascript, haskell functional programming, compilers, web applications, programming languages, user interface Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
Embox 1 c, gcc, assembly embedded systems, rtos Operating Systems 2020
Encyclopedia of Life 1       2015
Environmental Data And Governance Initiative 1 python, javascript, rubyonrails, googlecloud, go crawling, api, open data, machine learning, open science Data and Databases 2017
Erlang Ecosystem Foundation 1 erlang, elixir, lfe, beam language, soft real-time, distributed systems, messaging, instant messaging Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
ES Operating System 1       2009
ESUG (European Smalltalk User Group) 2       2013
Eta 1 haskell, jvm, java functional-programming, runtime systems, compilers, programming-tools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Etherboot Project 3       2011
European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) 1       2010
European Space Agency, The Advanced Concepts Team 1       2010
Evergreen 1       2012
Evergreen Project 1       2011
Expert Labs 1       2010
Facebook 1       2010
Fedora Project 5 html/css/js, linux, webdevelopment, angular, postgresql, html5, golang, postgres, python, rest, flask, linuxdistribution, python3, ansible, javascript, git distribution, community architecture, server, mobile, metrics, linux distribution, containers, upstream, realtime messaging, contributor activity, linux, web development, desktop, community Operating Systems 2020
Fedora Project & (Red Hat) 1       2009
FFmpeg 8 c99, asm, c, assembly, assembler, git audio, image, video, compressio, multimedia, subtitles, image processing, filter, compression Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
FFmpeg / Libav 1       2011
FiberCorps 1       2011
Fiji 1       2009
Flowgrammable 1       2014
fluxbox 1       2011
Formal Systems Laboratory at UIUC 1       2012
FOSDEM 2 html/css, voctomix, postgresql, influxdb, grafana, rubyonrails, javascript, git conference, ruby, programming languages, programming tools, video processing, rails, web development, rails application, web Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
FOSDEM VZW 1 rubyonrails, postgresql, git web, programming tools, programming, programming languages, ruby Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
FOSSASIA 8 android, java, jsonapi, c, php, javascript, artificialintelligence, reactjs, python graphics, search, event management, fashiontech, machine learning, mobile, personal assistants, voice assistants, json, artificial intelligence, open science, web development, cloud, web Other 2019
FOSSology 2 twig, lamp, postgresql, php, python, linux, javascript, c/c++ licensing, open source, oss licencing, license-scan, license compliance, compliance, spdx End User Applications 2020
FOSSology Project 1 postgresql, php, c/c++, jquery, bash compliance, license-scan, oss licensing, spdx, oss compliance Other 2019
Foundation for Learning Equality 1       2015
FrameNet Brasil (UFJF) 1 php, mysql, javascript, python natural language processing, natural language understanding, multimodality, video processing, multilinguality Data and Databases 2020
FrameNet Brasil at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora 1 php, mysql, javascript, python natural language processing, multimodality, natural language understanding, image processing, machine translation Data and Databases 2019
Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation 5 synthesis, chisel, webdevelopment, c++, vhdl, c, fpga, compiler, jenkins, javascript, openhardware, verilog, risc-v, python eda tools, digital design, simulation, compilers, debugging, silicon, fpga, hardware, debug, open hardware, embedded systems, web community, electronic design tools, eda, web services, web Other 2020
Free Software Initiative of Japan 1       2009
Free UK Genealogy 1 mongodb, rubyonrails, mysql, python, css/html ai, machine learning, ui/ux, web apps, open data Data and Databases 2018
FreeBSD 9 make, shell, llvm, clang, shellscript, assembly, c/c++ kernel, embedded, virtualization, embedded systems, security, embedded systems, embeddded, cloud, kernel Operating Systems 2019
FreeBSD Project 1 c/c++, llvm, shellscript, assembly, make operating systems, virtualization, kernel, cloud, embedded systems Operating Systems 2020
FreedroidRPG 2       2011
Freenet Project Inc 5       2014
Freeseer recording and streaming suite 1       2012
Freeseer video recording and streaming suite 1       2011
FreeType 3 fonts, gnumake, c, python, gnuautotools fonts, graphics, opentype, rendering, truetype, library Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Freifunk 9 html/css, html/css/js, olsr, c, ruby, javascript, python, html, shellscript, lua, openwrt, lede/openwrt, batman routing protocols, web applications, firmware development, software-defined networking, web apps, wireless communications, wireless, monitoring, user interface, routing, embedded systems, network, wifi, embedded systems, software defined networking, mesh Social / Communications 2019
Frenetic 1       2014
Frescobaldi 1 python, pyqt music engraving End User Applications 2017
FRRouting 1 c, linux, linuxkernel, networking, lua networking, software defined networking, linux, performance, systems programming Other 2020 1       2013
Gambit: Software Tools for Game Theory 2 javascript academic projects, game theory, graphics Science and Medicine 2016
Ganeti 4 haskell, virtualization, kvm, xen, python virtualization, automation   2016
Ganglia 1       2014
GCC 1       2009
GCC - GNU Compiler Collection 4       2015
GCC, the GNU Compiler Collection 2       2011
GDevelop 1 javascript, c/c++, webdevelopment, gamedevelopment, react gaming, graphics, web applications, web, compilers Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Geeklog 2       2010
Genes, Genomes and Variation 4 python, rest, perl, mysql, javascript bioinformatics, data analysis, data visualization, web platform and services, database, genomics, data visualisation, databases, scientific visualization, web Science and Medicine 2019
GENIVI Alliance 2 yocto, embedded, java, some/ip, c/c++, automotive graphics, functional safety, communication, middleware, diagnostics, bigdata, embedded systems, automotive Other 2019
GENIVI Development Platform 1 linux, c, yocto, c++, qt automotive, cars, embedded systems, embedded, automobile Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
GenMAPP 1       2009
GenMAPP, Cytoscape, WikiPathways & Reactome 1       2010
Genome Informatics 3       2013
Gentoo 1       2009
Gentoo Foundation 10 bash, shell, sql, linuxkernel, perl, shellscript, linux, python, c/c++ init systems, embedded, application security, init, virtualization, security, embedded systems, operating systems, embeddded, package management, operating system, linux, embedded systems Operating Systems 2020
GeomScale 1 c++, r, python mathematical software, statistics, biology, optimization, finance Science and Medicine 2020
Gephi Consortium 3       2013
Gephi NGO 1       2010
GFOSS - Open Technologies Alliance 1 python3, php/javascript/html, css/html, java, c/c++ python, gtk, java jsp, c++ tools, javascript Other 2018
GIMP 1       2012
Git 10 shell, c, git, shellscript version control, version-control, dvcs, dvcs Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Git Development Community 1       2009
GitHub 2 atom, ruby, node.js, c#, git version control, collaboration, git, editor   2016
Global Alliance for Genomics & Health 2 protobuf, java, sql, python data sharing, big data, genomics, standards, apis Science and Medicine 2016
Global Alliance for Genomics and Health 4 c++, java, sql, mongodb, spring, node.js, python, c/c++, cloud bioinformatics, data sharing, genomics, standards, bioinformatics, genetics, web Science and Medicine 2020
GNOME 11 rust, vala, gtk, c, javascript, gtk+, gobject, python games, design, desktop applications, desktop environment, applications, end user application, application, productivity, operating system, end user applications, desktop End User Applications 2020
GNOME Project 1       2011
GNSS-SDR 8 c++librariesc++11c++14c++17c++20, gnss, c++, c++14, c++11, sdr, c++17, c/c++ software defined radio, signal processing, geolocation, gnss, navigation, digital signal processing, geolocation, communications, software defined radio, navigation, communications, communications engineering Science and Medicine 2020
GNU Compiler Collection 1 c/c++, gnuautotools compilers, toolchain, openmp Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) 2 gnumake, c++, openmp, c, c/c++, gnuautotools developer tools, toolchain, compilers, openmp Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
GNU Image Manipulation Program 3       2013
GNU Image Manipulation Program - GIMP 1       2010
GNU Mailman 3 email, rest, django, python3, python email, mailing lists, communication End User Applications 2019
GNU Octave 6 hg, c++ numerical computation, numerical methods, scientific computing, numerical computation, mathematics, numerical and data analysis software, data processing, matlab Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
GNU Project 8 lisp, posix, eiffel, c, python operating systems, free software, operating system Operating Systems 2018
GNU Radio 7 android, dsp, c++, softwareradio, rf, simd, qt, softwaredefinedradio, python real-time, radar, signal processing, wireless communications, dsp, software radio, digital signal processing, communication, wireless communication, information theory, cognitive radio, cybersecurity, software defined radio, spectrum analysis, gui, communications engineering Other 2020
GnuCash Free Accounting Software 1       2011
Go OpenOffice 2       2010
Godot Engine 3 c++, crossplatform, cpp, github, gdscript, vulkan, opengl, c/c++ graphics, graphics, real time, game development, gaming, rendering, cross-platform, virtual reality, game engine Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Google Caja 1       2010
Google Kubernetes 1       2015
Google Open Source Programs Office 5       2014
Google’s Open Source Programs Office 1       2009
GPAC 2 c++, mp4, c, dash, opengl, mp4box, javascript packaging, streaming, industry, playback, rendering, interactivity, multimedia, research Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
gprMax 1 python, cuda, openmp, cython, mpi engineering, geophysics, science, electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar Science and Medicine 2019
Grameen Foundation 1       2010
Grameen Foundation - MOTECH 1       2014
GraphQL Foundation 1 graphql, javascript, react, node.js data and databases, api, graphql Data and Databases 2020
Grassroots DICOM 2       2012
Green Navigation 2 apachespark, electromobility, postgresql, java, tensorflow, go, polymer, javascript, react web applications, machine learning, mobile, database, routing, eletric mobility, algorithm prototyping/visualization, web Other 2017
Groovy Community 1       2014
gRPC 2 scalability, grpc, distributedsystems, microservices, http/2, networking, cloud, micro-services full stack web and mobile, micro services, infrastructure, distributed systems, communications, microservices, middleware, apis, cloud, distributed networks Cloud 2018
GStreamer 4       2012
Hackystat 1       2009
Haiku 9 unix, x86, posix, c++, ffmpeg, arm, bsdunix, webkit graphics, drivers, filesystem, network, virtualization, filesystems, frameworks, desktop integration, user interface, operating system, media, desktop, kernel Operating Systems 2020 10 haskell, ghc, cabal, servant, codeworld haskell, compilers, functional-programming, education, programming languages, education, functional programming, build tools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Hazelcast 1 java, distributedsystems in memory data grid, data streaming, stream processing Data and Databases 2020
Health Information Systems Programme 3 android, gradle, java, reactjs, javascript e-health, mobile, gis, data processing, global health and development   2016
Hedgewars Project 2       2012
HelenOS group at Department of Distributed and Dependable Systems, Charles University in Prague 3       2014
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology 1       2011
Homebrew 4 bash, macos, git, osx, ruby, github, rspec macos, distribution, homebrew, package system, development tools, github, package management, linux, package managers, terminal applications Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
HPCC Systems® 1       2015
Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher 1       2011
Hugin and panotools 1       2010
Hugin/Panotools 1       2009
Hydra Ecosystem 2 sql, javascript, python, rest, redis, apis, flask, hydra docker, http, rest apis, api, knowledge graph, semantic web, web development, hydra, web Web 2020
illumos 3       2013 1 dtrace, illumos, unix, openzfs, zfs drivers, virtualization, storage, networking, kernel Operating Systems 2017
INCF 4 jupyter, c++, java, tensorflow, javascript, cuda, python, c/c++, xml, gpu data visualization, brain simulation, visualization, brain modelling, brain imaging, big data, neuroscience, science, brain modeling, science, neuroimage processing, big data, bio/neuro image processing Science and Medicine 2020
Inclusive Design Institute 7 html5, php, html, jquery, css, node.js, javascript web applications, inclusion, accessibility, inclusivity, web development, web End User Applications 2020
Inclusive Design Institute (IDI) 1       2011
Indic Project 1 android, python, javascript, rubyonrails, c++ natural language processing, language techology, input methods End User Applications 2016
Inkscape 11 c++, gtk, css, c++11, gtk+, python, svg graphics, graphics, geometry, standards, web, vector graphics Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Inria Foundation 1 c/c++, qt, webassembly, asm, communicationprotocol medical simulation, medical research, physics, real-time, scientific computing Science and Medicine 2018
Institut für Angewandte Informatik (InfAI) e.V. 1 java, javascript, a-frame, neo4j, htcvive virtual reality, software quality, visualization, software analytics, web Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2019
Institute for Artificial Intelligence 4 lisp, c++, unrealengine, ros, prolog, python unreal engine, simulation, machine learning, robot perception, robotics, artificial intelligence, perception, knowledge representation Science and Medicine 2018
Intel Media and Audio for Linux 4 gstreamer, encode, va-api, audio, video, vpp, c, vaapi, hardwareacceleration, decode, libxcam, codecs, ffmpeg, multimedia, soundopenfirmware camera, video encode, video apis, video, opensource audio firmware, encoding, video post processing, video processing, video framework, accelerated media, ffmpeg neuronetwork, video decode, audio firmware, compress, video decoding/encoding, hardware accelerated media processing, 360 stereo video Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Interactive Spaces 1       2015
Interface Ecology Lab @ Texas A&M University 2       2012
InterMine 2 clojure, postgresql, java, python, r, javascript bioinformatics, biology, data science, biology, genomics, open science, open science, web, data visualisation Science and Medicine 2019
International GeoGebra Institute 4       2015
International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility 6 c++, java, javascript, python, gpu data science, simulation, visualization, big data, neuroscience Science and Medicine 2016
Internet Archive 4 pthon, php, python, node.js, elasticsearch, javascript non-profit, books, web archving, voice apps, library, web archiving, archive, web extensions, web archives Web 2020
Internet Systems Consortium 2 c99, cassandra, javascript, dhcp, rest, mysql, python, c/c++ infrastructure, stateful, dhcp, ipv6, internet, dns, networking Other 2019
Iowa Flood Center 1       2013
IP-over-P2P Project 1       2015
iPXE 1       2012
Isabelle 1       2011
Italian Mars Society 2       2014
JabRef 1 java, javafx, latex academia, reference manager, bibtex, pdf End User Applications 2019
Jato 1       2009
Jato VM 1       2011
Java Pathfinder Team 1 java, jvm, android, distributedsystems program analysis, testing, verification, model checking, environment generation Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
JBoss Community 9 android, java, golang, apachekafka, aerogear, mobil, opentracing, asciidoctor, kubernetes, react, ios, ide testing, mobile, database, javaee, monitoring, enterprise applications, openshift, programming languages and development tools, eclipse, microservices, aerogear, codeuino, kubernetes, enterprise application, mobile development, cloud Web 2020
JdeRobot - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos 5 gazebo, c++, opencv, ros, python, c/c++ teaching, education, robotics, robot simulator, computer vision, developer tools, computer vision Other 2020
Jenkins Project 4 docker, java, jenkins, machinelearning, html, css, groovy, go, kubernetes, javascript java, development tools, continuous integration, development, devops, continuous delivery, automation, developer tools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
JGraphT 1 java graphs, algorithms, data structures, mathematics, network analysis Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Jikes RVM 3       2012
Jitsi 3 xmpp, java, sip, webrtc, reactnative, javascript, react real time, video conferencing, real time communications, networking, multimedia, web Social / Communications 2018
Jitsi (SIP Communicator), Kamailio and SEMS 1       2011
jMonkeyEngine 1       2014
Joomla! 6 cms, html/css, php, html5/css3, html, jquery, css, mysql, javascript mvc, cms, cms, object-oriented, object-oriented, web applications, programming languages, web application, web development, web Web 2019
Joomla! (Open Source Matters) 2       2014
Joplin 1 node.js, electron, reactnative, terminal-kit, react notes, synchronisation, sharing, encryption, cross-platform End User Applications 2020
jQuery Foundation 2 html5, css, jquery, javascript framework development, unit testing, user interface components, event handling, software testing   2016
JRuby 2       2013
JSK Robotics Laboratory 2 lisp, openhrp, ros, prolog, euslisp, openrtm robotics, artificial intelligence Science and Medicine 2017
JSK Robotics Laboratory / The University of Tokyo 2 ros, lisp ros, robotics Science and Medicine 2019
K-9 Mail 2 android, java email, communication End User Applications 2017
Kapitan 2 jsonnet, jinja2, terraform, kubernetes, python3, python great developer tooling, cloud, programming languages, kubernetes, cloud Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
KDE 9 c++, php, qt5, qt, cmake graphics, wiki, desktop application, communication, mobile, desktop applications, science, desktop, education End User Applications 2017
KDE Community 3 c/c++, c++, c, opencv, qt5, qt, qml graphics, deskstop, privacy, desktop application, applications, desktop environment, science, vr, education End User Applications 2020 - the Linux Kernel Organization 3       2012
Kiwix 3 android, node.js, c++, java, python, kotlin, qt, python3, javascript, c/c++ offline, android, offline access Web 2020
KNIME 1 javascript, java, tensorflow data analytics, data science, machine learning, deep learning, image processing Data and Databases 2019
Kodi Foundation 2 c++, sqlite, mysql, ffmpeg, python media, games, audio, video End User Applications 2020
KolibriOS 1 fasm, flatassembler, x86assembly, i386, i586 desktop, operating systems, drivers, hardware, lowlevel Operating Systems 2016
KolibriOS Project Team 1       2014
Komodo OpenLab 1       2012
Komodo OpenLab Inc. 1       2011
Kubeflow 1 python, jupyternotebook, tensorflow, kustomize, kubernetes machine learning, infrastructure, cloud, kubernetes Cloud 2020
LabLua 7 luarocks, pallene, céu, netbsd, lunatik, lua, elasticsearch reactive programming, compilers, kernel scripting, reactive programming, distributed systems, programming languages, scripting languages, operating systems, scripting Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Laboratory for Cosmological Data Mining 1       2014
LanguageTool 1       2011 1 java, javascript, machinelearning, ai, tensorflow artificial intelligence, language, edtech, education, nlp End User Applications 2018
LEAP Encryption Access Project 2 gnupg, twisted, javascript, openvpn, python mail, vpn, e2e, encryption End User Applications 2018
Learning Unlimited 1       2011
Learning Unlimited, Inc. 1       2012
Libav 1       2012
Libre Space Foundation 2 embedded, arduino, django, raspberrypi, sdr, spaceapplications, python, c/c++ cubesats, software defined radio, satellite data, web applications, space applications, spacecraft, space standards, hardware Science and Medicine 2020
LibreHealth 4 android, java, webcomponents, php, mysql, python3, javascript web apps, ictd, radiology, global health, information security, deep learning, web apps, health, medicine, mobile-apps, web Science and Medicine 2020
LibreOffice 10 android, c++, java, opengl, python android, end-user application, desktop application, big project, end user application, office suite, end user applications, cloud End User Applications 2020
Libvirt 5 hypervisor, qemu, virtualization, c, lxc, kvm, xen, containers, python container, cloud, virtualization, libraries, virtual machine, library Cloud 2020
LimeSurvey 3       2011
Linaro 1       2014
Linkerd 2 rust, prometheus, golang, kubernetes, react, linkerd service mesh, microservices, dev-ops, cloud infrastructure, kubernetes, containers, cloud native, networking, networking Cloud 2020
Linux Trace Toolkit next generation project (LTTng) 2       2014
Liquid Galaxy Project 9 android, java, gis, mapsapi, nodejs, javascript, cesiumjs, vue, ros, html, python, cesium graphics, webvr, maps, geo, data visualization, visualization, machine learning, cluster, visualisation, geospatial, virtual reality, data Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
LLVM Compiler Infrastructure 8 clang, llvm code analysis, compilers, compiler, programming languages and development tools, compiler api Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
lmonade: scientific software distribution 3       2015
lowRISC 4 chisel, c++, fpga, verilog, systemverilog, risc-v, linux, python system-on-chip, soc, compilers, fpga, security, embedded hardware, debug, hardware, open hardware, education Other 2020
LuaRocks 3 unix, luarocks, c, windows, lua, linux games, programming languages, programming tools, package manager, package management, programming language, package managers Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
LXDE Project 1       2010
LyX – The Document Processor 2       2014
MacPorts 3 buildbot, c, python, web, tcl, scripting macos, libraries, package management, operating systems, build tools End User Applications 2020
Maemo Community 2       2010
Mapnik 2       2011
MariaDB 5 c++, java, c, mariadb, perl, mysql database, databases Data and Databases 2017
MariaDB Foundation 3 c++, java, c, mariadb, mysql performance, sql, database, databases, distributed systems Data and Databases 2020
Marine Biological Laboratory - Center for Library and Informatics 1       2011
Marine Biological Laboratory Biodiversity Informatics Group-Encyclopedia of Life Project 1       2010
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities 1       2013
Matrix 1 python, javascript, rust, go, react encryption, realtime communication, decentralised, team chat, chat Social / Communications 2020 4 android, postgresql, golang, nodejs, javascript, go, python, react, ios decentralization, real time, communication, real time, decentralisation, federated, voip, communications, realtime communications, collaboration, iot, interoperability, instant messaging, real time communications, team chat Social / Communications 2019
MBDyn 2 python, c++ numerical methods, scientific computing, multibody dynamics, aeronautics, mechanics, engineering, science, aerospace, mechanical engineering, automotive Science and Medicine 2020
MBDyn - Multibody Dynamics 1 python, c++, scripting mechanical engineering, aeronautics, multibody dynamics, aerodynamics, linear algebra Science and Medicine 2019
MBDyn, Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan 1       2015
MBDyn, Department of Aerospace Science and Technology at Politecnico di Milano 1 c++ physics, engineering, simulation, robotics, real time Science and Medicine 2016
McGill Space Institute 1 python, sql, databases, bigdata space, astronomy Science and Medicine 2016
MDAnalysis 1 python, cython, numpy, c/c++ biophysics, computational chemistry, molecular simulation, cheminformatics, molecular dynamics Science and Medicine 2020
Measurement Lab 1       2012
Measurement Lab (M-Lab) 1       2013
MEDES-IMPS 1       2015
Melange 6       2014
Mercurial 1       2013
Mercurial (a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy) 1       2009
Mercurial Distributed Version Control System 1       2010
MetaBrainz Foundation 2 postgresql, javascript, perl, python machine learning, metadata, music, big data, books Data and Databases 2016
MetaBrainz Foundation Inc. 10 postgresql, spark, solr, postgres, python, perl, bigquery, javascript, react open data, metadata, community, music, big data, data, books Data and Databases 2020
Metalink 1       2012
Metasploit 3 postgresql, asm, ruby, c, assembly, python security, offensive security, penetration testing, exploitation Security 2020
MGGG Redistricting Lab 1 python, javascript, gis, julia, mapping web-interface, statistics, graph algorithms, mapping, civic tech End User Applications 2020
Microkernel devroom 1 c, c++, rust, arm, x86 microkernel, components, ipc, desktop, virtualization Operating Systems 2017
Mifos 1       2009
Mifos (The Community for Open Source Microfinance) 1       2013
Mifos Initiative 3 android, java, mysql, spring, javascript, angularjs fintech, mobile banking, mobile, microfinance, big data, digital financial services, financial inclusion, cloud End User Applications 2017
MINIX 3 2       2012
MINIX 3 Group at the VU 1       2010
MINIX 3 Research group at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1       2011
MinnowBoard Project 1       2015
MIT App Inventor 3 android, java, googlewebtoolkit, junit, googleappengine, javascript, gwt, javascipt, app apps, education, mobile, programming languages and development tools, api, iot, development, mobile apps, web, blockchain, education Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
MIT Center for Mobile Learning @ The Media Lab 1       2012
MIT Media Lab 2 android, java, html/javascript educational technology, education End User Applications 2016
Mixxx 2 c++, deeplearning, qt, javascript dj, streaming, music, music information retrieval End User Applications 2020
Mixxx Digital DJ 1       2010
Mixxx DJ Software 6 real-time, hid, audio, c++, midi, music, c++11, qt, opengl art, real time, dsp, audio, dj, beatdetection, metadata, music Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2018
mlpack 4 c++, deeplearning, machinelearning, python, templates data science, fast algorithms, reinforcement learning, data mining, machine learning, algorithms, deep learning, neighbor-search, optimization Data and Databases 2020
mlpack: a scalable C++ machine learning library 1 c++ machine learning, data mining, fast algorithms Science and Medicine 2016
mlpack: scalable C++ machine learning library 2       2014 1       2013
Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit (MRPT) 3 c++, opencv, python, ros, wxwidgets, qt, opengl, c/c++, webs, cmake real-time, ai, webapps, slam, algorithms, robotics, mobile robots, selfdriving, computer vision, robot, vision Science and Medicine 2018
ModSecurity 1 waf, webapplicationfirewall web application security Security 2016
MoinMoin 1       2011
MoinMoin Wiki 4       2013
Moira 2 golang, grafana, javascript, typescript, react, graphite sre, alerting, monitoring, devops, devops, devtools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Monkey HTTP Daemon 1       2012
Monkey Project 2       2014
Mono Project 7 f#, c, c#, .net compiler, programming tools, web development, mobile development, ide Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
Moodle 10 ionic, postgresql, sql, php, jquery, mysql, angular, javascript web applications, e-learning, web applications, education, learning management, web application, school systems, school system, education Social / Communications 2019
MoveIt 1 c++, ros robotics Other 2020
MovingBlocks 3 gradle, java, json, github, opengl, blender, lwjgl sandbox, game, games, modding, minecraft, voxel End User Applications 2018
Mozilla 10 html/css, webdevelopment, js, c++, rust, html5, javascript, html, css, python, react mozilla, open source, web browser, browser, open web, firefox, internet, information security, free software, internet freedom, web platform and services, devtools, web technologies, web, privacy/security, education Web 2020
Mozilla Project 1       2009
MuseScore 7 qml, c++, midi, cpp, qt5, c++11, qt, breakpad, c/c++, cmake music engraving, midi, piano, music, user interface, notation, sheet music, guitar, end user applications, composing, musicxml, music notation, notation software End User Applications 2020
mypy 1 python static code analysis‎, compiler Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
mySociety 1       2012
MySQL 1       2009
MZmine 1 java, javafx mass spectrometry, molecular analysis, visualization, data processing, molecular networking Science and Medicine 2020
Named Data Networking Project 1 java, android, javascript, c++14, c# networking, informationc centric networking, ipfs Web 2019
National Center for Supercomputing Applications 1       2009
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center 1       2012
National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) 2       2013
National Library of the Czech Republic 1       2013
National Resource for Network Biology (GenMAPP, Cytoscape and WikiPathways) 1       2011
National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB) 8 c++, java, php, python, html, rest, r, javascript, c/c++, web bioinformatics, biology, data modeling, web applications, graphics, systems biology, data visualization, scientific computing, data science, dataviz, database, network analysis, web application, network biology, ui/ux, web Science and Medicine 2020
Native Client 1       2009
Natural User Interface Group 3       2012
Natural User Interface Group (NUI Group) 1       2010
Neovim 3 c, javascript, vim, rpc, lua, python cross platform, cross-platform, vim, programming, tools, developer tools, system programming, editor, text editor Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
NESCent - National Evolutionary Synthesis Center 2       2010
Netfilter Project 6 firewall, c, linuxkernel, networking, linux, kernel firewall, computer networking, network monitoring, network security, networking, software defined networking, linux kernel Operating Systems 2019
NetSurf 2       2014
Netty 1 java, jni, c nonblocking, network, async Web 2020
Network Time 1       2012
Network Time Foundation 2       2015
New Visions for Public Schools 1       2012 1       2012
Nmap Security Scanner 9 c++, c, lua, python, c/c++ network mapping, security, ipv6, networking, linux Security 2017
NTP 1       2011
NTP Project 1       2009
NumFOCUS 6 c++, r, javascript, julia, python, c/c++ graphics, data science, data science, graphics, numerical computation, scientific computing, statistical computing, data visualization, numerical computation, machine learning, pydata, big data, numerical computing, high performance computing Science and Medicine 2020
NV Access 2 c++, iaccessible2, win32api, uiautomation, python braille, text to speech, screen reader, blindness, screen reader, text to speech, accessibility, blindness, braille Other 2020
OAR 2       2010
OGDF - Open Graph Drawing Framework 3       2014
OGRE 1       2009
OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) 2       2013
OGRE - Open Source 3D Graphics Engine 1       2011 1 php, mysql, python cs education, education, web community Web 2018
OMII-UK 2       2010
OncoBlocks 1       2015
Open Bioinformatics Foundation 8 haskell, c++, java, ruby, biojs, php, python, perl, d, javascript, c/c++ bioinformatics, web, computational biology Science and Medicine 2019
Open Bioinformatics Foundation (OBF) 1 python, javascript, c/c++ bioinformatics, computational biology Science and Medicine 2020
Open Chemistry 5 c++, java, javascript, html, opengl, webgl, python, c/c++ graphics, data science, data science, chemistry, scientific visualization, visualization, computational chemistry, materials science, science, scientific computing, scientific visualization, cheminformatics Science and Medicine 2020
Open Data Kit 3 android, java, ruby, python, javascript social good, mobile, mobile, global health, global health, global development, global development, social good, cloud End User Applications 2019
Open Detection 2 c++, pcl, opencv, caffe, c/c++, cmake machine learning, ai, computer vision Other 2017
Open Education Resource Foundation 1       2014
Open Ephys 1 c++, juce neuroscience, electrophysiology, visualization, ui, signal processing Science and Medicine 2016
Open Food Facts 1 perl, mongodb, ios, android, machinelearning computer vision, crowdsourcing, open data, food, health Science and Medicine 2018
Open Genome Informatics 3 r-project, java, neo4j, nodejs, python, react, javascript, gwt, html/javascript bioinformatics, biology, genomics, data and databases, data mining, genome, data visualisation, databases, bioinformatics, computational biology Science and Medicine 2020
Open Lighting Project 3       2014
Open Motion Planning Library 1       2014
Open Networking Lab 1       2013
Open Roberta 2 java, javascript education, robotics, robotics, web, web, visual programming, education Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Open Roberta Lab 1 java, javascript education, programming, robotics Web 2018
Open Source Computer Vision Library 1       2010
Open Source Computer Vision Library (OpenCV) 5       2015
Open Source Robotics Foundation 7 gazebo, c++, javascript, ros, python, c/c++ robotics, middleware, simulation Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Open States 2 postgresql, javascript, django, graphql, python, react civic tech, journalism, scraping, government, civic, web Other 2018
Open Technologies Aliance - GFOSS 1 python, javascript, gtk, qt, arduino robotics, programming languages, open education, c- c+, java Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
Open Technologies Alliance - GFOSS 1 php, java, mysql, virtuoso, python data, cloud, hardware Other 2017
Open64 1       2009
OpenAFS 2       2010
OpenAstronomy 5 c++, spark, numba, numpy, c, javascript, qt, julia, python data science, high-energy astrophysics, astronomy, atomic physics, visualization, solar physics, visualisation, orbital mechanics, science, cloud infrastructure, astrophysics, high energy astrophysics Science and Medicine 2020
Opencast Matterhorn 1       2012
OpenCensus 1 python, java, ruby, node, go tracing, monitoring, c++, php Cloud 2018
OpenChange (a project of the Free Software Conservancy) 1       2009
OpenCog Foundation 1       2012
OpenCog sponsored by the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence 1       2009
OpenCV 4 c++, deeplearning, machinelearning, javascript, cuda, computervision, vision, python3, python, c/c++ graphics, real time, virtual reality, real time, machine learning, robotics, robotics, deep learning, computer vision, virtual reality, vision, deep learning Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
OPeNDAP, Inc. 1       2010
OpenEMR 1 php, mysql, javascript, docker, html medical records, health, cloud, medicine, medical practice management solution Science and Medicine 2020
OpenFlowHub 1       2012
OpenHMD 1 c99, opengl, vulkan, opencv, libusb virtual reality, xr, drivers, reverse engineering, computer vision Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
OpenICC 3       2012
OpenICC Color Management 1       2011
OpenImageIO 4       2012
OpenInkpot project 1       2010
OpenIntents 2       2012
OpenKeychain (OpenPGP for Android) 3 android, openpgp security, e-mail, encryption Security 2016
OpenMined 1 deeplearning, federatedlearning, homomorphicencryption, securemulti-partycomputation, differentialprivacy privacy, artificial intelligence Other 2020
OpenMRS 12 html/css, android, html5, java, hibernate, rest, groovy, mysql, spring, javascript, xml science and medicine, open source, hospitals, clinics, open source medical records, medical records, developing countries, health, developing countries, developing world, medical record, ehealth, clinical Science and Medicine 2020
OpenNebula 1       2010
OpenNMS 3       2013
OpenRefine 1 java, javascript real-time, data visualization, data integration, web application Data and Databases 2020
OpenSIPS 1 c, python, mysql, scripting voip, telephony, real-time-communications, sip Social / Communications 2018
OpenSSH 1       2009
OpenStreetMap 10 docker, java, ruby, sql, postgis, python, opengl, javascript, c/c++ maps, gis, crowdsourcing, open data, geoinformatics, maps, geoinformatics, crowdsourcing Data and Databases 2020
openSUSE 6 angular.js, rubyonrail, c/c++, docker, ruby, rubyonrails, perl, linux, javascript, angularjs, html/javascript packaging, linux, virtualization, qa, ui/ux, linux distribution, configuration management, realtime, web, web development, conferences Operating Systems 2018
openSUSE Project 3 rpm, javascript, perl, linux, python software quality, containers, tools, operating systems, build tools Operating Systems 2020
Openwall 3       2015
Openwall Project 1       2011
OpenWISP 4 linux, javascript, django, raspberrypi, lua, openwrt, ansible, python mesh-networks, telecommunications, wireless, configu, wireless networks, network automation, configuration management, iot, networking, network visualization, web development, wifi, telecom, networking, web Web 2020
OpnTec 1 python, javascript, emberjs, cloud, android open event, event solutions, web Social / Communications 2018
Oppia Foundation 5 webpack, javascript, kotlin, css, appengine, googleappengine, angular, python, angularjs interactive, interactive, tools, community, tools, educational technology, web development, web, web, community, education Web 2020
Opticks 1       2010
Orange – Data Mining Fruitful & Fun 3 machinelearning, cython, qt, python bioinformatics, data mining, machine learning, visualization, gui toolkit Science and Medicine 2016
Orcasound 1 elixir, react, javascript, python, raspberrypi real-time, audio, citizen science, machine learning, web application Science and Medicine 2020
Oregon State University Open Source Lab 2       2010
Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL) 5       2015
OSGeo 4 c++, java, opensourcedatabases, c, sql, database, standards, python, c/c++ open science, maps, mapping, geolocation, gis, geolocation, mapping, geoinformatics, maps, geospatial, science, cartography, geospatial, open science, computer vision, citizen science Other 2020
OSGeo - Open Source Geospatial Foundation 7       2015
OSGeo - The Open Source Geospatial Foundation 1 python, sql, c, ogcstandards, c++ gis, science, maps, cartography, geospatial   2016
OSU Open Source Lab 1 python, rest, javascript, ruby virtualization, infrastructure   2016
OSv 1       2014
oVirt 2 kvm, python, java enterprise application, virtualization End User Applications 2017
OW2 1 java, perl, middleware, bpm, wiki enterprise information systems, cloud, security, middleware Other 2018
OWASP 1       2013
OWASP Foundation 6 .net, java, ruby, php, python, html, net, node.js, javascript appsec, application security, cloud security, web application security, secure development, security, sdlc, information security, mobile security, cyber security Security 2020
ownCloud 2 android, sql, php, html, css, qt, javascript, ios sync, data sharing, file share, cloud, synchronized, web Cloud 2017 4 android, c++, qt, javascript, sockets, webrtc, python, c/c++, ios real time, video, streaming, security, live streaming, networking, p2p, multimedia, distributed networks Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2018
PacketFence 1       2012
PaGMO / PyGMO 1       2013
PaGMO / PyKEP 1       2015
Pardus 2       2010
Parrot Foundation 3       2013
PEcAn Project 4 docker, postgresql, c, php, javascript, singularity, kubernetes, r, python data science, ecological forecasting, data science, climate science, scientific visualization, climate science, ecosystem models, scientific visualization Science and Medicine 2020
Pencil Code Foundation 1       2015
Peragro 1 python, blender, javascript, celery, django analyzing, transcoding, pipeline automation, games, web   2016
Percona 2 postgresql, prometheus, golang, grafana, mysql, shellscript, selenium, javascript load testing, testing, data visualization, monitoring, metrics, alerts, automation, databases, database optimization Data and Databases 2020
Performance Co-Pilot 5 java, golang, ruby, c, javascript, grafana, libuv, windows, linuxkernel, rest, redis, linux, python performance, data analysis, analysis, visualization, web development, distributed, monitoring, lightweight, realtime messaging, timeseries, web development, high performance computing, kernel Operating Systems 2020
Pharo Consortium 2 squeak, roassal, smalltalk, os, pharo, polymath, ide data science, object oriented programming, nlp, cli, dynamic environment, user interface, material design, web development, ide Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
PHP 1       2009
phpBB Forum Software 5 php, html5/css3, symfony, css, mysql, javascript communication, forum, collaboration, social, community Social / Communications 2018
phpMyAdmin 9 bootstrap, php, jquery, mysql, javascript, cakephp web applications, database, web application, administrator, mysql, developer Data and Databases 2019
Physical Web Project 2 bluetooth, internetofthings, arduino, physicalweb, beacons, webbluetooth, python, beacon mobile, web apps, beacons, internet of things Other 2017
Pidgin, Finch and libpurple 5       2015
Pitivi 2 python3, gstreamer, gtk, c video editing, video editing, video processing, video processing, filmmaking Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
PiTiVi video editor 1       2013
PKIF project 1       2009
Plan 9 from Bell Labs 5       2014
PLASMA @ UMass 3 scala, go, javascript, c/c++ software engineering, programming languages, programming tools, runtime systems, operating systems Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
Plone 1 python, javascript, html, css, reactjs communications, collaboration, content management, web Web 2018
Plone Foundation 7 html/css, nosql, zope, python, rest, javascript enterprise applications, content management, cms, content management Web 2017
PLSE at UW 1       2010
PMD 2 javacc, java, xpath, antlr, xml code analysis, code quality, source code analyzer, linter Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Pocket Science Lab 1 android, java, firmware, c, cad science, education, firmware, school apps Science and Medicine 2018
Point Cloud Library 1 cpp, cmake, devops 3d computer vision, robotics, perception Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Point Cloud Library (PCL) 3       2014
Polly Labs 2 isl, polly, llvm, pencil, c/c++, ppcg, integersetlibrary parallelization, polyhedral compilation, compilers, polyhedral model, fpga, program verification, optimization Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Portable Native Client 1       2015
Portland State University 9 language-agnostic, openhardware academic projects, new projects, individual projects Other 2017
PostgreSQL 5 postgresql, sql, c, postgres, ordbms, rdbms, perl sql, database, rdbms, big data, data management, data Data and Databases 2020
PostgreSQL Global Development Group 1       2011
PostgreSQL Project 4       2015
Postman 1 node.js, javascript api management, developer tools, api, programmer productivity Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy 1       2010
PRISM Model Checker 3 java, c++ verification, probabilistic models, science Science and Medicine 2016
Privly Foundation 1       2015
Probot 1 javascript, node, github bot, automation, development tools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Processing 3       2013
Processing Foundation 1 python, android, opengl, java, javascript creative coding, graphics, web, education, design Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Project PANOPTES 1 python3, arduino, cloud astronomy, robotics, exoplanet, image processing Science and Medicine 2019
Project Tox 1       2014
Ptolemy Project, University of California, Berkeley 1       2009
Public Lab 4 node.js, leaflet, ruby, rubyonrails, raspberrypi, webrtc, javascript pollution, hardware, collaboration, science, environment, community Science and Medicine 2019
Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science 2       2014
PulseAudio 2       2013
Puppet (Reductive Labs) 1       2010
Puppet Labs 1       2012
Purr Data 3 html5, html5/css3, svg, opengl, node.js, javascript, c/c++ real-time, data vizualisation, dsp, digital signal processing, audio, data visualization, video, music, real-time system, 2d/3d graphics, visual programming Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Python HYDRA 1 python, rdf, flask, hydra, json/json-ld apis, database, functional-programming, semantic web, knowledge graph Web 2018
Python Software Foundation 12 python, mercurial ui design, biology, physics, machine learning, mathematics, hardware, image analysis, programming languages, security, science, science Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
QEMU 7 assembly, rust, virtualization, c, kvm, linux, python lowlevel, hypervisor, compilers, virtualization, compiler, code generation, emulation, operating systems, kernel, cloud, emulator Cloud 2020
QEMU development team 1       2010 2       2013
Quagga @ OpenSourceRouting / ISC 1       2013
Qubes OS 2 shell, c, xen, linux, python privacy, virtualization, security, operating systems, operating system Operating Systems 2020 1 ruby, rails, react, javascript, postgresql education, edtech, machine learning, nlp, web Web 2018
R Foundation for Statistical Computing 1       2009
R Project for Statistical Computing 11 r-project, c++, c, fortran, r, javascript graphics, data science, graphics, data visualization, visualization, machine learning, statistics Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
radare 3 c++, rust, c, cpp, go, qt, python debugging, security, decompilation, disassembly, reverse engineering, program analysis, assembly Security 2020
radare2 1 c, rust, python, nodejs reverse engineering Security 2017
Raxa 3       2014
ReactOS 6 c++, c, php, nt, win32, c/c++ drivers, windows, applications, operating systems, desktop, web services, kernel Operating Systems 2020
Read the Docs 2 documentation, javascript, django, sphinx, elasticsearch, python docs, documentation, communications, web Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
Red Hen Lab 6 audioprocessing, nlp, datascience, machinelearning, opencv, scikit-learn, multimodalanalysis, tensorflow, asr, singularity, syntaxnet, python, highperformancecomputing, audioprocesing data science, ai, audio processing, communication, big data visualization, machine learning, cognitive science, big data, artificial intelligence, deep learning, video processing, co-speech gesture, natural language processing, multimedia Science and Medicine 2020
Review Board 4       2012
RIOT 1       2015
RoboComp 7 c++, opencv, openscenegraph, ice-zeroc, zerocice, component-baseddevelopment, c++11, qt, python, c/c++, gnu/linux, cmake simulation, robotics, robotics, component-based development, robotics simulation, framework, computer vision, multi-agent system, multi-agent system, component-based development, computer vision Other 2020
Rockbox 3       2011
Rocket.Chat 4 android, node, webrtc, ruby, meteor.js, mongo, chatbots, node.js, reactnative, javascript, react, ios progressive web apps, chat, chatops, bot, communication, machine learning, social-network, chatbot, realtime communications, collaboration, instant messaging, realtime, team chat Social / Communications 2020
RooStats 1       2012
RouteFlow 3       2015
Rspamd 2 machinelearning, c, lua, javascript, cmake email, machine learning, spam filtering, high performance computing Security 2018
Rspamd spam filtering system 1       2015
RTEMS Project 12 embeddedsystems, posix, c, waf, assembly, python, c/c++, bsdunix posix, real time, kernel, iot cps, embedded systems, multicore, multicore, iot, operating system, embedded systems, kernel Operating Systems 2020
Ruby 5 java, ruby, c web servers, programming languages, web servers, programming language, developer tools, developer tools, cloud Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Ruby on Rails 6 ruby, rubyonrails, html web development, web applications, full stack, web Web 2018
Ruby Science Foundation 6 ai, c++, machinelearning, ruby, c, gpu, cuda, cprogramming, science, jruby, c/c++, data, web data science, scientific computing, compilers, math, visualization, data-science, hpc, space, linear algebra, parallel algorithms, artificial intelligence, science, package management, scientific visualization, data, web Science and Medicine 2019
Ruby Science Foundation (SciRuby) 1       2014
Sage Mathematical Software System 7 c++, c, cython, javascript, python3, python, c/c++ mathematical software, math, combinatorics, mathematics, algorithms, toolbox, science Science and Medicine 2018
SageMath 2 python, cython math, math, education, mathematics, education, research, research Science and Medicine 2020
Sahana 1       2009
Sahana Software Foundation 5       2014
Sakai Foundation 2       2010
Sakai Project 2       2012
Salesforce 1 scala, apachespark, javascript, nodejs, react machine learning, natural language processing, web applications, user interface, cli Cloud 2019
Samba 9 python, c, cifs, smb networks, interoperability, samba, networking, networking Data and Databases 2020
Saros 1       2015
Scaffold Hunter 2       2014
Scala 3 scala, llvm, jvm compilers, functional-programming, compiler, programming languages, programming tools, programming-tools, programming-language, functional programming Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Scala Team 4       2015
Scilab 4 scilab, c++, java, c, python, opengl graphics, scientific visualization, numerical computation, mathematics, numerical computing, science, programming language End User Applications 2018
Scilab Consortium/Digiteo Foundation 1       2010
Scilab Enterprises 2 scilab, c++, java, c, fortran graphics, user interface, mechanics, engineering, vision Science and Medicine 2016
Scilab/Digiteo Foundation 1       2009
SCons next-generation build system 1       2009
SCoRe Lab 1 python, mobile, cloud, webdevelopment, machinelearning information security, mobile, cloud, web development, machine learning End User Applications 2020
SCoRe Lab (Sustainable Computing Research Lab) 1 python, nodejs, android, golang information security, mobile, cloud, web development, machine learning Security 2019
Scribus 1       2012
Scribus Team 2       2011
ScummVM 11 c++, sdl, lua, assembly, opengl, c/c++ game, games, software archeology, game engines, software archeology, game engines, software preservation, software preservation, engines End User Applications 2020
Seastar 1 cpp, framework, dpdk, tcp, linux high performance, tcp, app development, network, framework Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Selenium 2       2011
Sencha Labs 1       2011
SETI Institute 1       2011
SharpDevelop 2       2010
Shogun 1 python, c++, datascience, machinelearning, matlab machine learning, scientific computing, software engineering, user experience, data science Science and Medicine 2020
Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox 5 c++, machinelearning, swig, python, c/c++, cmake bioinformatics, fast algorithms, software engineering, machine learning, software engineering, statistics, bioinformatics, fast algorithms, statistics Science and Medicine 2017
Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox (Technical University Berlin / Max Planck Campus Tübingen) 1       2011 1 c++11, c++17, python, swig, cmake machine learning, scientific computing, software engineering, user experience, data science Science and Medicine 2019
Sigmah 5 java, gwt, postgresql hfoss, project-management, humanitarian End User Applications 2017
SilverStripe 1       2012
Simple DirectMedia Layer 4       2013
SimpleCV 2       2013
SIP Communicator 2       2010
Software and Computational Systems Lab at LMU Munich 2 java, python, javascript software verification, software analysis, result presentation, benchmarking, smt solver Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc. 1       2014
Software Heritage 1 python, javascript, postgres, django, git digital preservation, source code archive, free and open source software, big data, big code Data and Databases 2019
Software Product Data Exchange (SPDX) 1 rdf, python, java, github, c compliance, opensource, licensing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
Soletta Project 1 c, python, javascript, networking, machinelearning internet of things, portable, robotics, drones, makers Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
Space @ Virginia Tech 1 python, javascript, d3, mysql, mongodb real time, web, data visualization, data analytics Science and Medicine 2018
SPDX 2 rdf, java, golang, json, node.js, python, xml licensing, compliance, open source Other 2020
SPDX (Software Product Data Exchange) 1 python, java, golang, xml open source, compliance, licensing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
Statistics Online Computational Resource 1       2012
StatusNet 2       2011
STE AR Group 3 parallelalgorithms, hpx, c++, opencv, c++17parallelstl, cpp, cuda, boost, python, hpc asynchronous many task systems, parallel computing, distributed datastructures, machine learning, algorithms, c++ standardizaion, parallel algorithms, deep learning, runtime systems, asynchronous manytask systems, high performance computing, hpc Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Steel Bank Common Lisp 2       2014
Stellarium 1       2012
Stemformatics 1 python, javascript, postgresql web applications, cloud, bioinformatics Science and Medicine 2018
Stony Brook University Biomedical Informatics 3 bioinformatics, apachespark, c++, hadoop, javascript, matlab, bigdata, medicalimaging, python biomedical informatics, database, bioinformtics, biomedical data science, big data, deep learning, genomics, imaging, cancer informatics, medical imaging Science and Medicine 2018
strace 7 make, shell, c, awk, shellscript, linux, git syscall, debugging, tracing, c, diagnostic, linux, git Operating Systems 2020
Stratosphere Project 1       2014
Streetmix 1 javascript, react, redux, postgresql, mongodb smart cities, web, civic tech End User Applications 2018
Submitty 3 c++, postgresql, web/html/css, php, python, php/javascript/ajax, databases, javascript data visualization, communication, visualization, education, privacy/security, web Other 2020
Subsurface 2       2015
Subversion 1       2009
Sugar Labs 9 android, gtk, c, python, gtk+, javascript, pygame games, user interface, programming, media, learning, stem, education End User Applications 2020
Sugar Labs educational platform (a member of the SFC) 1       2009
Sunlight Foundation 1       2009
Sunlight Labs 2       2011
SuperTuxKart 2       2014
Sustainable Computing Research Group ( SCoRe ) 4 android, node, java, golang, hadoop, gcp, go, golan, python, pyth machine learning, mobile, cloud with google computer engine, security, forensic, embedded systems, iot, mobile applications, web Web 2018
Swathanthra Malayalam Computing 2       2014
Swift 3 cmake, compilers, c++, llvm, swift, programminglanguages, server, ios compilers, programming, programming languages, developer tools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
SWIG 2       2012
SymbiFlow 2 fpga, verilog, xilinx, python, c/c++ fpga, programming languages and development tools, electronic design tools Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
SymPy 9 python, c++ math, physics, mathematics, science, symbolic mathematics, science, computer algebra Science and Medicine 2020
SyncDiff(erent) 1       2014
Synfig 2 gtk, gtkmm, python, c++ animation, 2d/3d graphics, vector graphics Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
syslog-ng 2 kafka, c, sql, rest, json, elasticsearch, python data processing pipeline, cloud, reliable log transfer, logging, high performance data processing, log management, build tools Other 2020
Systers 1       2012
Systers Community 1 ios, android, python, rubyonrails, javascript mobile applications, web apps, community Other 2018
Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community 5 android, java, rubyonrails, javascript, mysql, python, ios games, systers, women in tech, mobile, peace corps, women in open source, web Other 2017
Systers: Women in Computing 2       2010
Tahoe-LAFS 1       2010
TARDIS SN 3 python, c, cython supernova, monte carlo methods, radiative transfer, astronomy, science, global optimization Science and Medicine 2020
Tcl Community Association 1       2009
Tcl/Tk Community 2       2011
TEAMMATES @ National University of Singapore 4 java, javaee, html, appengine, css, googleappengine, javascript web applications, teaching, software as a service, webapps, learning management, peer feedback, web development, cloud, education, saas Web 2018
TEAMMATES Project @ National University of Singapore 1       2014
TensorFlow 2 deeplearning, machinelearning, dataanalysis, python, c/c++ data science, machine learning, deep learning, python, data Other 2020
The Apache Software Foundation 3 java, c/c++, c++ big data, big data, cloud, libraries Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
The Apertium Project 2 c++, perl, python, finite-statetechnologies, xml computer-aided translation, machine translation, morphological analysis, natural language processing, human language technologies Social / Communications 2016
The Aqsis Team 1       2009
The Asterisk Project 2       2010
The Battle for Wesnoth 1       2011
The Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling 4 html5, java, scala, html5/css3, css, javascript simulation, academic research, education, programming languages, science, programming language, education, research, research Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
The Centre for Computational Medicine 1       2013
The CGAL Project 3 github, git, c++ mesh processing, geometry processing, triangulaton, computational geometry, arrangement Science and Medicine 2017
The Codehaus 3       2011
The Concord Consortium 4       2015
The Eclipse Foundation 9 geo, che, java, php, xtext, jakarta, iot, openj9, javascript, c/c++, ide developer tools, locationtech, ide, runtimes, frameworks, industry, runtime systems, internet of things, iot, cloud, research Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
The Electronic Frontier Foundation/The Tor Project 1       2009
The Enlightenment Project 1       2009
The Fedora Project 5       2015
The FreeBSD Project 2       2010
The Freenet Project 1       2009
The FreeType Project 1 fonts, opentype, c, library fonts, opentype, rendering, graphics, truetype Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2017
The Gambit Project 2       2012
The Globus Alliance 3       2011
The GNU Project 4 android, scheme, c, javascript, python, c/c++, operatingsystems, guile astronomy, http, gnu, operating systems, free software, reverse engineering, operating system, package managers Operating Systems 2020
The Honeynet Project 11 android, honeypots, networkstack, honeypot, golang, machinelearning, python, go, dataanalysis, networking, python3, linux, javascript, c/c++, html/javascript deception, honeypots, honeypot, sandbox, malware, security, honeynets, networking, honeynet, web development, research Security 2020
The Java Pathfinder Team 8 android, javajava, java, jvm, distributedsystems, bytecode symbolic execution, model checking, environment generation, testing , testing, formal methods, symbolic execution, verification of concurrent systems, concurrency, test input generation, program analysis , model checking, test input generation, verification , software model checking, program analysis, virtual machine Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
The Julia Language 5 c++, atom, llvm, c, julialang, julia, javascript, c/c++, gpu graphics, data science, scientific computing, numerical computation, machine learning, linear algebra, statistics, numerical computing, integrated development environments, plotting, technical computing, high performance computing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
The Libreswan Project 4 qemu, nss, virtualization, c, shellscript, python, web ipsec vpn, vpn, ikev2, encryption, ipsec, ike Security 2020
The Linux Foundation 11 c++, gtk, c, cups, mysql, ipp, python lsb, wireless, wireguard, printing, spdx, kernel, automotive Operating Systems 2020
The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure 4 mlir, c++, llvm, c, clang backend, code analysis, compilers, static code analysis, compiler, programming languages and development tools, optimization, frontend, debuggers Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
The MacPorts Project 7 make, vue.js, frontend, react.js, tcl, git, html/javascript macos, package manager, command line, mac os x, build tools End User Applications 2018
The Mifos Initiative 3 android, java, mysql, spring, angular, angularjs fintech, ai, mobile banking, microfinance, digital financial services, big data, financial inclusion, cloud, web End User Applications 2020
The Monarch Initiative 1 semanticweb, javascript, textmining, namedentityrecognition, ontologies embeddable widget, rare disease, data refinement End User Applications 2016
The Mono Project 1       2010
The NetBSD Foundation 9 make, virtualization, filesystems, mips, security, c, bsdmake, cprogramming, networking, networkstack, arm, bsd, kernel unix, packaging, general purpose os, userland, package system, real unix, free and open source software, package management, operating systems, bsd, kernel Operating Systems 2020
The NetBSD Project 1       2009
The ns-3 Network Simulator Project 10 python, c/c++, c++ simulation, computer networking, network simulation, research and development, networking, networking, research Other 2020
The NTP Forum 1       2010
The Open Motion Planning Library 1       2013
The OpenBSD Foundation 2       2015
The OpenCog Foundation 2       2015
The OpenStack Foundation 1       2014
The Outercurve Foundation 1       2012
The Perl Foundation 5 c, perl, perl6, perl5, regularexpressions concurrency, programming languages and development tools, natural language understanding, functional programming, web services Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
The Postgres Operator 1 postgresql, kubernetes, golang, operator, patroni cloud, cloud native, databases, database services, cloud databases Data and Databases 2019
The Privly Foundation 2       2014
The Processing Foundation 5 android, java, python, opengl, javascript graphics, graphics, design, education, creative coding, design, education, web, web Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
The Qt Project 1 c++11, cpp, qt, qml, opengl graphics, gis, maps, declarative language Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
The STE AR Group 3 c++, cuda, opencl, highperformancecomputing, parallelprocessing parallel computing, hpx, runtime systems, high performance computing, gpu Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
The Syslinux Project 1       2009
The syslog-ng project 4 rust, java, c, rest, bigdata, elasticsearch, python, c/c++ log management, data extraction, logging, continuous delivery, message queue, python, message correlation Security 2018
The Terasology Foundation 2 gradle, java, lwgjl, opengl, blender, lwjgl graphics, sandbox, game, ai, games, modding, minecraft, voxel End User Applications 2020
The Tor Project 1 c, javascript, golang, python, browserextensions privacy, security, anonymity, anti-censorship, research Security 2016
The Tor Project and EFF 1       2014
The Tor Project/Electronic Frontier Foundation 1       2010
The Vega Project at the University of Washington 1 typescript, d3, vega, vega-lite, react visualization, data-science Web 2019
The Vega Visualization Tools by the UW Interactive Data Lab 1 javascript, typescript, react, d3.js data visualization, visualization grammar, data science, declarative language, plotting tools Data and Databases 2018
The Visualization Toolkit 1       2015
The Wine Project 9 directx, c, win32, vulkan, opengl, x11 directx, desktop integration, 3d, 3d, directx, desktop integration, vulkan, opengl, opengl, compatibility Other 2020
The Wiselib 3       2014
Theoretical Biophysics @ Humboldt University 1       2011
ThinkUp 2       2014
Thousand Parsec 2       2010
Tianocore 2       2012
TikiWiki CMS/Groupware 1       2009
Tiled 1 qt, c++, git, github edit, editing, level, game, game development End User Applications 2017
Timelab Technologies Ltd. 1 python, javascript astronomy, algorithm prototyping/visualization, mathematics, time series End User Applications 2016
TimVideos 1 python, verilog, fpga, vhdl, c hardware, embedded, video, fpga Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2017 5 vhdl, c, fpga, verilog, python video, embedded, fpga, hardware, embedded hardware, live streaming, video capture Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2019
TLA+ 1 java, tla+, eclipse, ocaml, smt formal methods, algorithms Programming Languages and Development Tools 2018
Tokio 1 tokio_rs, rust rust, networking, windows, concurrency Programming Languages and Development Tools 2019
Tor 2 c++, c, javascript, python privacy, counter-censorship, anonymity, free-speech Security 2017
Tox 1       2015
Tungsten Fabric 1 linux, kubernetes, python, networking, c/c++ software defined networking, routing, security, multicloud Cloud 2019
TurboGears 1       2009
Tux4Kids 5       2015
Twitter 3       2014
TYPO3 Association 5       2014
Ubuntu 1       2010
UCSC Xena 3 clojure, d3, javascript, jvm, python, react bioinformatics, web applications, data visualization, cancer research, cancer, web application, genomics, bioinformatics, scientific visualization Science and Medicine 2019
Umit Project 3       2012
Unitex/GramLab 1 java, c++ natural language processing, local grammars, finite state automata, corpus annotation, multilingual language resources Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
Universal Subtitles 1       2011
University of Nebraska - Helikar Lab 1       2015
Unknown Horizons 1       2011
Unknown Horizons and FIFE 1       2012
Urban Energy Systems Laboratory, Empa 2 milp, python, gis, fastfluiddynamics data analysis, simulation, energy, modeling & optimization, data portal, distributed energy systems Science and Medicine 2017
Ushahidi 1       2010
Vert.x 1 java, reactive, javascript, groovy, micro-services micro services, high performance computing Programming Languages and Development Tools 2016
VideoLAN 7 c++, asm, c, go, qt, c#, assembly, opengl, vue.js graphics, 3d, audio, video, multimedia, codecs, video processing, vr, web Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
VideoLAN / VLMC Project 1 opengl, c++, c, assembly, qt video, multimedia, editor, editing, non-linear Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2016
ViSP 2 vision, c/c++, c++ robotics, vision, computer vision Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2018
Visualization Toolkit (VTK) 2       2014
vitrivr 2 spark, java, machinelearning, grpc, computervision, databases, angularjs, web multimedia retrieval, 3d, audio, video, databases, retrieval, multimedia Data and Databases 2018
Wayland 1 opengl, wayland, c, xml, kms graphics, window system, display, video Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2016
webpack 3 webdevelopment, webpack, html5/css3, webasssembly, node.js, javascript, webassembly tooling, toolchains, parser, web performance, compilers, programming languages and development tools, web development Programming Languages and Development Tools 2020
Wikimedia 2       2014
Wikimedia Foundation 10 android, php, rubyonrails, html, javascript, css, jquery, reactjs, python wiki, semantic web, i18n, mediawiki, mediawiki, wiki, encyclopedia, wikimedia, semantic web, i18n, wikipedia, input methods, education, web, web Web 2020
Wine 1       2011
Wine (a project of Software Freedom Conservancy) 1       2012
Wine Project 1       2013
WinLibre 1       2009
Wireshark 2 pcap, qt, lua, c/c++, cmake network monitoring, data visualization, network security Security 2020
WordPress 5       2014
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 1       2013
WorldBrain - Verifying the Internet with Science 1 reactjs, javascript fake-news, misinformation, search, digital knowledge Social / Communications 2017 - Verifying the Internet 1 react, javascript, browserextension, datproject search, fake-news, decentralization, misinformation, bookmarking End User Applications 2018
WorldForge 6       2014
WSO2 4 soa, java, middleware, distributedcomputing, webservices data analysis, micro services, security, iot, api management, cloud Other 2017
wxWidgets 5 c++, win32, gtk+, cocoa gui, desktop, cross-platform Programming Languages and Development Tools 2017
X.Org 2       2010
X.Org Foundation 9 c++, wayland, c, opencl, vulkan, opengl, x11 graphics, 2d acceleration, 3d, video, media acceleration, windowing system, testing/ci, graphic stack, graphics stack, 2d/3d graphics, operating system, 3d acceleration, windowing systems, gpu Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2020
Xapian Search Engine Library 8 android, c++, golang, swig, unicode, linux search, machine learning, integration, indexing, information retrieval, linguistics Data and Databases 2020
XBMC 1       2013
XBMC Foundation 4 drupal, github, mysql, c++11, python, c/c++, xml, git media management, video player, audio, video, home theater, media center Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2018
Xelerance Corporation 1       2009
Xen Project 2 qemu, free/netbsd, ocaml, asm/c/c++, linux embedded/automotive, virtualization, security, unikernels, cloud computing Cloud 2017 2       2011
Xi Editor 1 rust, swift ide, end user application, text editor End User Applications 2019
Xi Editor Project 1 rust, swift text editing, ide End User Applications 2018
Xiph.Org Foundation 2       2015
XMMS2 2       2010
XMMS2 - X-platform Music Multiplexing System 2 1       2011
XMPP Standards Foundation 6 xmpp, c++, vala, java, lua, webrtc, javascript, erlang chat, messaging, voip, communications, realtime communication, social, instant messaging Social / Communications 2020
XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF) 1 asynchronousi/o, lua, xmpp, java, python3 instant messaging, realtime communications, machine-to-machine, internet of things, xmpp Social / Communications 2019
xpra 1 python, javascript, c remote-access, video, desktop, seamless Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2019 1 python, javascript, compression, remoteaccess, cython graphics, remote access End User Applications 2018
XWiki 8 html5, java, velocity, css, javascript, css3 wiki, web applications, platform, web platform and services, web applications, structured data, structured data, wiki, web platform and services, web development, extensions, platform Web 2020
YafaRay (Yet Another Free Raytracer) 1       2010
Zenodo 1 python, postgresql, flask, angularjs, elasticsearch content management, web, open science, digital library, machine learning Science and Medicine 2017
Zulip 3 typescript, python, electron, django, reactnative, javascript chat, bots, great developer tooling, mobile, cross-platform, enterprise, group chat, visual design, web development, mobile applications, team chat Social / Communications 2020
Zulip Open Source Project 2 android, javascript, electron, django, reactnative, python, ios chat, bots, full stack web and mobile, great developer tooling, mobile, group chat, visual design, high quality codebase Social / Communications 2019
ZynAddSubFX 1 c/c++, ruby, midi, open-sound-control, opengl audio, digital signal processing, visualization, music, user experience Graphics / Video / Audio / Virtual Reality 2019
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Scala team 1       2010